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0.5 Matt Man, He went to the movies dressed like Rob van. His date poison ivy was a saucepan ended up kissing That man made Matt want to go and slap him with a backhand. Not man here. Just tuning in for the second date update. Why isn't this music should be? Matt met a girl on reddit named Christina. They ended up dressing up his Batman characters to go see a Batman movie called Mad Again. That man, it was awkward because she ended up kissing Oppa do dress like Batman while they were doing a photo op together. And after that, Matt was a little bit moody, little jealous of him, and after the date he has not been able to get ahold of Christina. So, Matt man going through a little bit of a rough patch here, you know, but that song did they give you life? Batman a little bit. I mean, Christina's the hottest geekiest girl I've ever met, buddy. I'm afraid of losing her. I need your guys help together. You're going about this all wrong, Okay. You need to say she's lucky to be with you now, and you're the superhero and they're gonna get off course you deserve to have a beautiful, geeky woman as your partner. Her in life. Sure. Do you really think that I d'oh? Absolutely ideo. That's how you can tell when her voice gets really high like that. I believe that man doesn't confidence going into this. I think that that's why she's not calling you back is you don't have any men. It's time from Goto sidekick to hero. I think, Theo the attitude I want Batman returns. Yeah, we're going to call Christina here. Any last words. That's right. All right. Spoken like a true hero. All right, I'm gonna dial the phone number right now. Here we go. Hi. Can I speak to Christina, please? This. Is she high. Kristina, My name's Jeffrey from the radio show Brooke and Geoffrey in the morning. You want to talk with us? You said you're from a radio show. I am calling from a radio show And the reason why we reached out to you is because we do something on our show called a second date update. That's where if you go out with someone, if afterwards, they're not calling you back. You could reach out to us, and we'll call that person to try and figure out the reason why. You're calling me about somebody else. Okay, So who are you talking about? Exactly? We had a guy that emailed us about you. And his name was Matt. Oh, OK. Not called You. Did He say anything about me? Yeah, he said a lot of nice stuff about you. It sounds like you're are amazing. I'm Yeah. I mean, I am great, but see, that's good. That's all. I'm sorry. I I was not expecting that, though. I don't know what he shared with you Like I haven't spoken to him for a while now, So he said that you guys met on Reddit and you guys bonded over both being in tow comics. We definitely did. I just realized like he wasn't the best fit for me. So I mean, we just stop talking now, is it Because when you guys went out to the movies he dressed up is Robin when you were dressed as poison ivy, Is that what you mean when you don't fit? Oh, great. So he told you about our date? Yeah, And we even heard that people were like lining up to take pictures with you that you looked so amazing. He did mention that there was kind of an awkward moment where this really hunky Batman guy and you gave him a kiss on the cheek, he said on the cheek. Yeah, I did. I mean, I do that with other people. So that's not like strange for me. OK? OK, Here's my guests. Because Matt talk to us for awhile, and he just doesn't sound very confident. Like Is that what killed it for you? Good job, Brooke. What way to throw the guy under the bus? Wait, talk to him for a while and he sounds like a total loser. Is that with the problem, Wass what Felt like like you are so amazing that he couldn't believe that you were going out with him because you were out of his league. Yeah. I mean, that's not a problem, though, Like I know a lot of guys there, but shy and there I may sound a little bit shallow for saying this. But when I first saw him that day, and I saw what he was wearing, I like right away. It was the biggest turn off ever because he was bringing Robin costume. He told us that it looks like he's squeezed into a 12 year old costume. Oh, no terrible and his belly was hanging out and I was so hard on my costume. I honestly felt like an insult that he'd Thought he looked okay. Oh, so he was just really unattractive in the outfit I like that's not the biggest deal for me. But the fact that he didn't realize it, and then he started doing other things like he started battling with some of the other people there and was screaming out all these things like Kapow, and like he was really getting into it. That's awesome. I mean, is it though you're in like a tiny little robin outfit, and you're yelling out sound effects and doing pretend battles in the lobby like that to me? I thought that's kind of the point of going to these things. Where you all dress up and you try to be in character. Yeah, but it was not turn on Ramin. And it had a big, hairy belly sticking on. He just looks like a penguin. It looked terrible. So God Oh, man, Sita literally cut making it worse for me. He went to go get it. Max. You got this whole like a ray of snack, including the big bucket of popcorn, And he just looked ridiculous. Walking on this huge bucket of popcorn and robbing cost you. You gotta put more time into those costumes, though. Especially if you're out there to impress someone, and I don't want to blindside you here. But I do have to tell you that the boy wonder is on the other line. And he's been listening to this entire conversation and wants to talk to you. Holy moly! Cristina, That's not cool. Ah! Oh, I did not know you were on the phone. So far. You had to hear that you're making me sound like I look like record. Something might have been a better office. You know? I mean, you did You look pretty bad. I'm sorry. I put so much effort into my look and you totally ruined it by being by my side. I felt really uncomfortable, and I don't wanna look atyou again. And then I remind myself of that experience. You can burn it out of her brain. What I need I need I get like a Batman costume to get your attention. My uncle has an AB l I can wear one of those If that makes you happy talking about utility belt, Tactical. No, no, I mean one of those belts toe workout in for people. You know, I don't look so good getting the ones that, like, send electrical pulses to make your abs convulse. Yeah, I can get one of those guys. Matt, from the sounds of it. It doesn't sound so much like your that unattractive. It's just that you chose a really bad outfit. I mean, you yourself called yourself the party City Robin. Well, I didn't want her to think I was taking it to seriously unlike a party city is not move. Equality. How did you know? Come on, man like this is your chance. Tto win her over right now..

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