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There are more than twenty thousand elephants in this podcast just forty years ago but now there are just have a five hundred what's encouraging though is that they've now got babies that reproducing the numbers of starting to go up and the poachers can be kept at bay populations going to recover that'd be on wake on sunday that got they used to be elephant carcasses everywhere as a coup in national box head of law enforcement sitanggang agreeing a told me as we flew five hundred feet above the ground wasn't emits beta said fabric of mox took over debbie economic on by god he made since african bucks arrived here we no longer see caucuses of elephants in the park he said the hood is doing well the elephants are no longer nervous dot means is no poaching but it's come at a cost me mahama abucha mondo august two the carrier mohammed as a long list of names on the memorial for lost ranges with some on issa ahmad mahamat kinda a mighty name but accordion city but awkwardness ravenna use it to a number of persson they with sudanese poachers and they were eight of the ground ranger avocado jacco told me and they ambushed as he said we walk straight into its i lost to france undo lumps had been many stories like this over the years rangers jacco leads the phone bill horseback patrolled it's easier to spoke tracks on horses and it's how the sudanese of post elephants here for centuries to serve the non ivory trade could automatic weapons now alive killing on an industrial scale.

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