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Content. And you know at the Motley fool. We're just we're. We're platform agnostic with where we're. We're happy being everywhere. We're not looking to lock exclusivity, but but I. think that that that'll be one more thing to watch because I think. In terms of like major platforms. I don't I. Don't know that there are any other sort of three hundred four hundred million dollar deals out there unless it's for exclusive content, so for those that are interested in you know the advantages and disadvantages for exclusivity Joe Rogan is sort of in. Almost a category of one, not quite a category of one with with his show but you know you're at conferences or used to be at conferences. Maybe now you still. backwash conference thing that people. Back in the late. Teens back when we had these conferences of you know an, and this would have been. You know the various business models that are out there. And how would you say that It's an easy decision for for you for the molly full to be platform agnostic but For others. What are they balancing you know between the ads between having to condition some of the content of the podcast so that they don't lose advertisers who is that they can get. Direct pay. And the platforms. Would you know what are the? Pros and cons for. Joe Average of good, but not the top five out there podcasts. I think for the overwhelming majority of people who do podcasts. They're just looking to grow their audience, and they are also platform agnostic, because then I really have. The audience and sort of the leverage to. Create those type of exclusive deals because you're right I mean Joe Rogan is. Is Basically in a category of one. Now there are there is a price at which. You know any podcast or would say okay. I will give up my. multiplatform approach for that amount of money just to be on that one platform, but. There has to be something in it for the platform likes. spotify presumably wouldn't have done that deal with Rogan unless they felt good about the return, they were GONNA get Sirius. Xm probably feels pretty good about the amount of money. They just spent or are about to spend to get stitcher and the ad.

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