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She uses hers as her workout bad going from client to client, and she keeps tons of stuff in there and hers is so dirty, and she loves it dirty, and she, she was like dumbbells in their heavy ones, and it does not fall apart. So we're definitely proud of how well it's held together, and we went and bought one of the knockoff totes at a store won't say where, but we bought one and hit so cheaply made and it's not made in the US, and it's just such a bummer. It's such a bummer. We still don't even know exactly how we're gonna handle the situation because again, they're not calling it a four things, tote. So we can't which is trademark. So we can't go after them that way, which we don't really want to go after anybody. But it's just customer confusion. I mean so many of y'all are sending a screen shots when you're seeing these off totes that it's like it's just we don't want to confuse y'all to where you think maybe we partnered with somebody or maybe when you buy it, you're a Haiti donation is happening with it, when it's not. So before we get off this, tote or my tote soapbox after. Cering. Danny's question, I just want to say that the patriotic four things tote is officially out in its supporting American military. The shot Ford has a military fund. So it just goes to different groups that we've worked with, like, we don't have anything specific yet, full transparency, but just know it will support someone, and, or some people and way, shape or form that serve our country. We have quality groups that we worked with in the past, so we just haven't liked pinpointed it yet. But we wanted to go that direction. This is the first time a four things item. Hasn't supported Haiti. We were doing dogs, then it just made more sense to shift to military. I know Mary and I try to really be thoughtful about where the funds go. And sometimes it makes sense to go under action. And then we have to call an audible and do a one eighty and go another direction because that is what we genuinely feel like is best for the products of just, you know that, but I think the four things paid. Cryonic coats are so cute. They say star stripe America Stars, Stripes freedom, and then America, and it's like blue own Bray, and then to read, and I love it. So definitely. Check it out. Ooh. An this is fun. You can now go to four things dot com. Just four things dot com, all things that are related to our four things products. We'll be there. So boom next question is from Maitland. Hey, Amy will what do you do for bloating? I know you pay attention to your body and how it responds to different foods and whatnot. And I try so hard to do that, too. But what do you do when you have a cheat day or just start to bloat, and you have no clue where it came from hope, to hear you address this on your podcast soon. Well, here we go we're going to talk about it. So some quick fixes that I do. When I feel blow coming on, like, if I can go for a walk, I do it if I can bust out some yoga poses that are good for bloating idea it. There's awesome ones on YouTube this girl. Sarah Beth has one you can look it up. It has like one point four million views. So pretty sure a lot of people trust it, it's literally called yoga for bloating by Sarabeth. So if you just go to YouTube and type that in, you'll find it and it's I think it's like a little over ten minutes. It's like ten to thirteen minutes or so of different poses. They're going to help with bloating, digestion, also peppermint oil is really good. It works by relaxing, the intestinal muscles, which allows gas and maybe even stole to move along more effectively, which we all went that. I would say, I try to sit in my infrared sauna, which is something I talked about in the four things podcast last week. If you don't have that a hot warm bath will do, which is also really relaxing. I recommend drinking hot lemon water. Maybe with some fresh ginger sliced up in there and get it drink. It make sure you're drinking hot or warm and the lemon and the ginger and the hot water will all help. I think this is just now there's something I'm just pulling out of nowhere. I didn't have it in my little notes. But try to keep all your water. Her room temperature when you're feeling.

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