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Rewatch Ables and sign up right now, we're Nicole shea in one second just wanted to mention may second. Oh an emotional day. For me. My daughter was born on this day. Kyle happy birthday. She's now fourteen such as kid, I put up a little Instagram story better. If you if you ever look at my Instagram, it's S P T G U, I three three but. You know, it's funny. When when when you have a kid Miskito quick story about childbirth that that the gross part of the of the child just actual, and you remember all the parts of the day leading up to when the kid was born because you know, it's like one of the five most important days of your life. Maybe even top three hundred now, but you remember every little beat it, so noon, it's so scary. And you just constantly worried. Something bad's going to happen the whole time. So your senses are all like just heightened and a it's funny. I can't remember what did like three weeks ago? And I still remember like every single thing about that day, including my wife was in labor. She she had like one of the like a false labor. A couple times a man like we went in the hospital night before and there, and then you're not ready yet. And that morning, she was like, I think I'm reading I'm like, I haven't even had coffee your, so I go I sat I were driving to the hospital. We're going to cedar Sinai, and but I hadn't had coffee, and I'm like me the hospital like avenue, enter coffee. So we stop at Starbucks on. Lebron the trait me go in and there's this actress there who played who is professor somebody professor Lucinda Nicholson from that. Oh to know she had an affair with Bryn and freshman year of college site that tutto. So we're in there, and I'm like, wow..

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