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This is my stupid brain dead life Amen. I'm free talk live seven nights a week from seven to ten eastern live on the Liberty Radio Network at L. R. N. Dot F._M.. The new fourth edition of healing our world the compassion of Libertarianism we'll take your understanding think of liberty to a deeper level and has ever thirteen hundred updated references new cartoons and forward by Dr Ron Paul with discounts for multiple book purchases the fourth edition of healing. Our world is a great gift for the Liberals Pragmatists Environmentalists and Christians in in your life who think libertarianism is cold hearted. Get Yours today at healing dot freetalklive dot com and use Promo Code F. T. L. for a five dollar discount now that you've found the Liberty Radio Network at L. Dot F._M.. You may WANNA help expose others I to our great programs to assist you doing so you'll find resources at promote dot L. Dot F._M.. Including details on how to get a free bumper sticker quarter page flyers you can print out distribute manners for your website as well as files that will allow you to make your own custom banners and Graphics Ethics Visit Promote Dot Dot F._M.. And helping new listeners to the Liberty Radio Network that's promote dot l. r. n. Dot F._M.. Is Spreading the message of Liberty Crypto currency and peace around the globe worth two dollars per month to you as you may already know in addition to our internet feed L. Dot F._m.. Broadcast on free to air satellite across north in Central America as well as sub Saharan Africa and we've been available on satellite for Free Twenty four seven since twenty ten the Laura on F._M.. Free to air satellite signal is reaching some of the most oppressive regimes in the world and there's no doubt our ideas are making an impact..

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