Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, President Trump discussed on MSNBC Rachel Maddow (audio)


To set apart and observe the last Thursday of November next as a day of thanksgiving in October eighteen sixty three while the nation was busy fighting a civil war, president ABRAHAM LINCOLN issued that thanksgiving proclamation asking the country to come together and take stock to be thankful and hopeful in a time marked by conflict and war, and it is because of that Malysz Lewis and profound piece of writing from our sixteenth president that we celebrate thanksgiving today as a national holiday now, if you track the mashed potatoes on your thanksgiving table through the winding path of history, you wind up here at that front page of the paper with that presidential proclamation are American landscape, obviously looks a little different these days instead of dispatches from the battlefields in American states and casualty reports in the tens of thousands and wrenching debates over freedom versus enslavement our newspapers today filled with wildfires and troops at the border in wondering when the next indict. Will come down. But even in times of national strife and times of national division. We still do set apart the day to take in the fruitful fields in healthful skies with one heart one voice as a whole American people. And it's probably the understatement of the decade to say that's not often an easy lift, but here's to the attempt. And here's wishing you a happy peaceful and hopeful day of thanksgiving. We'll be right back. Programming note last week in MSNBC premiered, a new project hosted by the great, Rachel Maddow. Oh, it's a documentary about Richard Nixon called the trail. If you missed it, do not worry betrayal tells a fascinating story about Richard Nixon. But it's not about Watergate. This is something that Nixon did on his way to the presidency back during the election of nineteen sixty eight. Nixon leads in the polls, but his White House. Dreams are haunted by LBJ's progress toward ending the war. Bixente worries about that the prospect of an October surprise the piece is being negotiated that it's in hand. And that it boosts the prospects of Hubert Humphrey, mid October Lyndon Johnson, fuels, Nixon's, worst, fear. Speaking addicted that you. In a conference. Call LBJ updates the presidential candidates confidentially on a big breakthrough in the negotiations. North Vietnam at last is willing to talk with South Vietnam. Absolute. Comment to the substance of these matters being juries to your country after all this work all year Johnson finally had a package that the north yet AMIS would accept and he was selling to the South Vietnamese. Nixon gets a top secret briefing from the commander in chief on his progress toward peace, and what does Nixon do he betrays the president and the nation. What Nixon did with that information? How he got away with what president Johnson called treason, and what is actions cost thousands of Americans. And Vietnamese are the subject of TRM's special report called betrayal. You can catch. It this Friday at nine pm eastern on MSNBC definitely watch N DVR watch it again that does it for us tonight. We'll see you again tomorrow the way chill Madame show nine. Nine on MSNBC. The fact of the matter was he was this is a story that is not well known stuck in my mind about it was this was in the white, but it really should be especially maybe now. Oh my God. MSNBC present bagman. Search bag man to subscribe now..

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