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Time. I'm so happy to see lisa. I really did. Oh my god thank you for calling me viewed if you never never got one compliment for my ex eight years really not one i would say i would get really dressed up. I show and we were dresses and everything else. I would do my makeup. My hair and i would say how do i look. He'd look at me up and down. Aeko good i was like that's it that's it. Can i get a little more. Nope nothing fuck. I got nothin' do you think he was jealous. How popular you are how successful you know. He was very supportive of the comic came to all the shows and step i just think he's got schizoid personality disorder and he was shut down and couldn't couldn't connect or give compliments or even open up. There was no intimacy you. Could you take compliments. I i thing that some people struggle with all of us here. That's my favorite thing to do. Is compliments my love language. Is it yeah words about formation right. So listen when someone's trying to give you a compliment. They're trying to give you a gift. It'd be like going to a baby shower and you hand over a present and the person goes no and you're like okay and the person giving the compliment it makes them feel good to give your love language is words of affirmation but does that mean that you give or does that mean you want to receive that i wonder is okay so you give it knowing that your love languages words about formation god so sneaky now i'm doubting that's wonderful about you. I was just sitting here thinking like how wonderful you are as a person who's working working but actually something that i i love about you as i always equate you to like a tough ballet teacher. That is is not overly like a few sieve in terms of compliments. Because there were times. When i was taking your class where one of the things i love is really is intimidating but still really good. Is that if you don't find something funny you'll just like sit there deadpan and staring. I think that's really good when you're learning comedy because it's almost like your are very tough critic at first and i think that helps people ready for the real world. You don't always get laughs and everyone's like yourself. Well i call it my thinking face okay. Here's my day scares me scares. Everybody demanded it's. I'm trying to think how to make the joke better. That's all i interesting. Yeah okay so you're not thinking like fuck this grow never. I don't think that about people. I love everybody. But i will say that doesn't serve anybody if i if i just go. Thoughts great doesn't nobody learns exactly honesty over kindness. Yeah that's what i always say. That is like you're not gonna you're not gonna grow from you telling you you're great in every way doesn't it doesn't help you. I'm not gonna be a dick. But also like i'm gonna tell you like that could use a little worker. You know what i've noticed is maybe you see this too is when i'm writing with somebody or i'm doing any kind of project and someone pitches an idea. I'm sitting there kind of thinking like the way that you just described. And i'm like okay okay and i'm thinking of all the things that it could be a other than that and then i. I watched people meltdown. Because they're like the silence kills them so then they start. Okay no maybe. That's maybe you're like we'll just be confident for a second. Let's work through. This said they're already tearing down the walls like you gave me five seconds of silence. And now i know my idea crap. See i don't care what people your business what other people think of me which we say. An alanon and I just have to be mean and be rigorously. Honest as according to my twelve step program not take what other people say and wendy plow through and be like no. This is my own. I like getting feedback from other comedian. only or an audience really audience will tell you. Yeah you know an audience. It's a conversation between you and the audience and you talk then you listen and they say something hopefully what they say is a laugh a lot of times it's silence and then you have to address that you can't just plow through and get louder monologue mode of my students do they're just like my head explode. I'm like you're in monologue code. This is not acting this a standup. It's a conversation you gotta give and take. You gotta listen as much as you talk. Yeah so so. Let's let's talk a little bit about your past and comedy. How did you get started in comedy. What led you there well. I was in a singer dancer and a showgirl and i worked on cruise ships and vegas. I toured the world with sean and all the fifty s man. And i wanted to be honest. It comes so bad. that's all i ever wanted. What was the sitcom when you were growing up. That was like this is the wish. I could be a golden girls but as two young okay. You could have been like someone's step cousin. A neighbor know. My favorite succumb was cheers The reason i like golden girls is because they were older and there was not a lot of action. it was all conversations in the living room. Sure and i was like. This is the most brilliant writing i've ever seen on any show. But any multi cam show that's ever existed and it still holds the test of time like we were watching episodes. And they were tackling like racism and homophobia back. Then they were very edgy and eating cheesecake and gambling. They talked about their had a gambling problem. And i'm like oh she's like me would you. Would you say you're most like dorothy. Or which one would you. Yeah yeah dorothy. But i feel like your your face also could be taken any shit. And you also have the sultry blanche. And i'm not giving a complimentary. Sounds like you're all golden girls role than one. But anyway so i was singing and dancing and during the world and i dated this agent and at the time and goes you want to be honest come go. Do stand up comedy. You'll get seen by the industry you'll get a manager you'll get everything you ever wanted so i went and got an And i started doing stand up a week later freely. Yes and i got on stage at this. Gay bar called the rage and doesn't exist anymore. it's shut down during the pandemic so sad and it was a contest. And you got one hundred bucks if you won and i won shot up and i was like. Oh this is easy. I'm a genius five minutes at prepared. You just go up in five minutes prepared. But i also staying in my act at that time because i was a singer and none of the comics respected me. They were like you're just a variety actor not a comment. But i was like. I do what i do and so i get on stage at the next show i did. I can't remember where it was bombed bombed no lapse. I was like oh. I guess i suck. I should quit. It's like standup is like. Oh i'm the best or i'm the worst. It's just ego That's your ego tells you you're either the best at something or you're you're better than everybody or you're not as good that's ego. Why do you think that is. Because i hear so many comics having like an amazing i show and then it seems to be the pattern of them. The second or the third is like. I am nobody okay. I just think that's the way standup goes. You could have the worst set i. Yeah i bombed at the montreal comedy festival so bad. It was the worst. It was a shit show moment. If i've ever let's let's hear if i've ever i love your our own segues for us. I just wanna relax and we on the floor. That's so nice to have someone else doing. Actually that's funny so my manager at the time was a man named jason. Solomon and he believed in me so much and he represented anthony. Clark who was a comic from chicago and at the time was on a sitcom of his own show. I can't remember the name. But he was the lead. And i think it was called anthony. Clark how'd you forget that one. And so he said to the people at montreal. Y'all give you anthony. Clark gotta take my client lisa sunset and they didn't wanna take me and i was like you better take and the.

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