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Thank god i play jane. I'm burgess. Ask god dude houses been great. I miss you guys we have done. I am pretty shocked doc that like how well we've all kept in touch for the most part. I know we don't see each other. As much as maybe we did back in the day and like you get like a couple times a year. Maybe mike how these texts like a couple of times a year. It's like i don't see a lot but you know i love you. We literally do yeah. I mean you literally texted us the other week just being like do you guys remember so random uh-huh before you asked to do this podcast i literally at tech random like photos and behind the scenes thinking about it was like there was a dream primo. I remember because someone i was working on a show where someone brought up edward collins somehow twilight and it was i played recalling on t._v. And then like you did so i put up pictures of meal glittery from the liberty celebrity wheel of fortune wheel of fortune crea harry potter and then like looking at a picture of me covered in glitter. I was like the simulations glitch and i was like. Did this really happen. I don't believe did that happen. Was i think it was not real and i didn't get recognized for it for for a long time yeah so so part of me was kind of like did anyone watch it and then once i started here at smash then everyone was like oh so random. I'm i've been a fan since so random. It's random with that. Show you played on. She can't see not so random also thought nobody had ever watched anything but it wasn't until i got on smash and started reading the comments that they're like oh. That's where i know damian and shane the anime brothers and i was just like where you should have been really mad that we got cancelled didn't wait or campaign you at twitter and they were also ten your voices just as as loud on the internet can pipe gets hit. Send i remember i didn't. I don't think i had an instagram. I didn't have started. I just barely got a twitter made a traitor because of disney and you're the first one that actually shouted out like hanging out with my new cast member damian hawes and i remember having notifications on waking up the next morning and be like hi. They got three hundred followers in one that was the beginning of all of that <hes>. I remember like my parents would like pre approve my tweets before i would post as the mass market yeah awesome by the way they're definitely like life slash marriage goals. Oh like eloping on a motorcycle. Oh hell yeah they sound like something that should have crashed and burned like that should not of been literally. My mom was seventeen. She was driving down the street with her best friend and they saw these rocker dudes with like these law long eighties hair and leather jackets walking down the street and my mom's best friend was like oh those are cute like you should ask them for a ride so my mom this little like seventeen year old guys wanna ride. My dad was like emmy is right around. The corner in the book is got in the car. My mom introduce produce yourself as kit kat and she turned league and they elope to vegas on a motorcycle. They have enough if money for the marriage license so my dad stopped off at his like like work and took money out of the cash register putting like an i._o._u. And my mom thought he robbed the place instill still married amazing also did rob the place it's coming. You can do whatever they want to bring..

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