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Eleven percent in our poll which ties for third place with Elizabeth Warren you still have Joe Biden Bernie Sanders at the top of the twenty nine and twenty three but Kamel Harris and and is coming on very strong here it is and it's crashed the party of the top tier contenders she is there and it is a direct result according to our poll of the debate but if it's sort of a snapshot of what people thing in the moments after the debate the days after the debate what does that mean for the future that are these numbers that go away does this tell us anything about where numbers will go the context here is that for a lot of people this is their first opportunity to tune in to the debate and for people that actually watch the debate Kamel Harris does better than overall standing twenty percent say she's the choice people didn't watch only five percent so that to me if I'm Harris campaign I like what this says about your potential as a candidate because it says it is people get to know you they get a little more comfortable with you and and to look at this poll in the details she's enormously balanced her standing among black voters is an African American candidates eleven percent which is exactly where she is in the overall Democratic Party at this stage she's very strong across education groups across income ideology groups to me it suggests that this is someone that could be kind of the just right candidate someone who can appeal to a whole lot of different democratic voters at the same time and if the small group of Americans who saw the debate say we like that person anything the more people to tune in the more that could potentially like her on the thing everyone has been asking work though is at what point does the democratic field are to start to stand out from the bottom like at what point do people start dropping out are we about to see that well I think the the couple of factors that could push us in that direction one is in this poll you have four candidates in double digits only another for who or even a two percent in the polls people to judge me and Kastro maybe call which are in bed or work so the other fifteen plus candidates they can't even get they can barely a one percent or even zero I have a feeling you know what you're doing I'm going to.

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