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Anyway Steve Gorman's gonna pop on the show tomorrow with us hard to handle life and death of the black Crowes the memoirs got a book in a new album from his new band trigger happy they're gonna be playing December twenty first here in local exams a bar can I want to go to that a so again it was Steve Gorman tomorrow a twenty four hours from night right now ten oh five before we get into the I. G. thing is one of a kind of roll out some cool for you you know I've been in radio for like almost twenty years now and as somebody who's been on the air been helping businesses build their business and you know that there are certain products and businesses that I endorse on this program and if you're a business owner and you wanna be a part of that email me Leona W. H. A. 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B. B. those seven check points and the business is that you hear me talk about and Dave have met met that standard and so you're near me talking about team Leland a little bit more in the future and if you are a business owner you wanna be a part of team Leland and you think you can reach those seven checklist points and be that way with your customers so that they're happy with what you do then being a part of team willing to help you build a business so email me directly it's Leland at W. HA ask dot com Lee Linda WHAS dot com and I'll put you in touch with one of our marketing people that will help you do all of this through my shelves pretty awesome stuff so there you go all right the inspectors general report was the big news from yesterday I got notes I saw the headlines the Leland and it was what is almost nothing they were justified in it and there was no partisanship whatsoever that's what I heard let me read this one headline I got from the Washington post it is this is the headline from The Washington Post news alert trump lashes out at FBI director in wake of justice department inspector general's report rebutting conservatives claims of bias let me give you the big picture first animals room and his I got I got take a while with this on normally we like to cut up and have some fun but this is kind of a serious issue in this is frankly this is the biggest news of the day the impeachment stuff is a bunch of clowns show Jack wagon ring okay this is the real news and it's about to get real the inspector general's report the inspector general is hiding behind the fact that his per view is narrow in scope and he can't he doesn't have subpoena power he doesn't have the power of the courts he doesn't have a grand jury he doesn't have the compelling power of a criminal investigator so he's hiding behind that to say one reporter miles when in fact if you actually read the report there's no way you can come to the conclusion that bias wasn't driving the decisions all of the FBI involvement now you might say you might write that often say Leland well those were individual F. B. I. agents and yes of course some individual FBI agents has biopsies and they're acting on it and that doesn't mean that it's pervasive throughout the entire organization and yet the conclusion of the inspector general was a very damning portion of the report was dedicated to the fact that this had to go all the way to the top the department of justice and that the leaders of the FBI had no excuses for allowing this to happen so let me start breaking this down Harlan says become basically us want the fender and justified all that the M. S. N. B. C. R. the M. S. MSNBC the MSM is reporting but here's the way that you have to look at this report first of all the harlots report leads off by saying the justice department had too low of a bar for justifying violations of people's civil rights via the FISA court so right off the bat the inspector general is saying the bars to low it's too easy to abuse it okay so that's right off the bat that's what the inspector general is saying secondly there's no way it wasn't bias consider the following facts and I went through the information that came out yesterday and I wrote down some facts that if you if you take what I'm about to tell you and then you still come away from that and say there's no bias then I can't help you because you're just an idiot I don't know I also put it so consider the following facts Carter page was one of the main focuses of the FBI investigation he was the guy they thought was a Russian spy supposedly thought was a Russian spy it turns out inspector general's report reveals this it turns out that Carter page was actually working for the CIA did you know the super day Carter page was actually working for the CIA he had a trusted relationship with the CIA do you know what Carter page was doing for the CIA he was busting Russian pro White Russian trolls were trying to meddle in the election ironic the FBI or left that information out when they applied for the FISA warrant and in fact this is how insidious this this he had contact with the Russians why because he was working with the CIA that required him to have contact with the Russians because he's working with the CIA to bust up Russian trolls the F. B. I. leaves out the important fact that he's working with the CIA and just as he has contact with Russian trolls and uses that as a grounds for the FISA warrant to spy on Carter page and they have this thing called the to hop which means they can take in go to degrees of separation right so technically they can probably sponsor per day because there's probably some way to get with just a couple of hops to super day from guard to page so these are more loose ellipsis is yes Lou celebrities don't think ship sees and gypsies so so transcendence is okay so yeah okay we're gonna got out so you have the FBI going to the FISA court this is the secret court okay as a secret court they go to the C. core and they say we got Carter page talking on the Russians winning investigate this and the court goes why is he talking the Russians and the F. B. I.'s like we don't know but the FBI does now they know that he has a relationship with the CIA but they leave that out with the secret court and the secret court goes always talking the Russians okay a spy and the secret gore gets in the original request for the files report there were ten inaccuracies the F. B. I. according the inspector general's report knew about the inaccuracies and submitted them anyway now consider the fact that the same investigators who had just exonerated Hillary Clinton were put in charge of this investigation in which we miraculously fine but these FBI agents who knew the Carter page in a relationship with the CIA miraculously mistakenly left it out of the secret court request the spine card page and you see where I'm going with this right you follow me you follow me here right this is this is this is mine bought this scandal is so much bigger than anything Watergate ever dreamed off and it leads right back to Hillary Clinton and president Obama but it gets worse okay so this Carter page now remember that the F. B. I. destroy Carter pages life destroyed it despite knowing that he was worried that he worked with the CI they had a relationship with the CIA this is insane these people were so hell bent on their pollute their political agenda the car is an actual patriot yes an actual patriot all right next one the dossier the dossier was the Reginald original reason for the investigation in the first place what we hear the media say about the dossier this is the P. dot CA that the president among other things was a Russian agent and that he hired about prostitutes to pee on the bed that Obama slept in a Russian hotel it turns out that the information that was included in the dossier the dossier only use what they call sub source reporting in the sub source reporting had secondary sub source reports so it is exactly what we just heard from the impeachment process the dossier was compiled by a guy who knew a guy who knew some other guys who were joking at a bar I'm not kidding you this is in the inspector general's report who were joking at a bar joking at a bar yeah trump probably hired prostitutes to pee in Obama's bad that makes it back through a game of telephone to the dossier compiler who by the way was hired and paid for by the Clinton campaign in the David DNC okay that makes it back to the dossier gets included in the dossier from sub sources who knew sub sources joking at a bar it's in the inspector general's report this is what happened this was the basis of this entire investigation that claim that right trump with the Russian for all I kid you not so this dossier gets compiled by guy hired by the Clinton campaign to essentially pull up dirt on trunk it's fake there he goes the FBI the F. B. I.'s like kinda interested at first and then the cannot and so he gets upset he's impatient all here's what happened this is an inspector don't support okay so then call me at this time call me an ounce is all we got a real investigation Heller going as we found more emails okay call me didn't want to do that but we found thirty thousand emails on Anthony Carlos danger wieners laptop a guy who had been essentially dealing in child porn right on his laptop he had the emails from Hillary secret server which is illegal call me had to reopen the investigation so it does well this this press is the guy off the steel steel that that at the GPS using GPS to compile the dossier and he's mad he's like wall by god I'm going to go to the media so it goes to I think was Mother Jones a socialist media outlet and that's where the dossier comes into the play then the FBI picks up the dossier from the media and takes it to the FISA court goes on we got to investigate this this is what's happening okay this is what's happening okay hold on to the dossier this is the other thing when you hear the media talk about the dossier we hear him say super day when they when they qualify they say unverified information no I'm verified says okay super Dave's on verified on Twitter they don't know if he's really super Dave or not he's not verified certifiable an unverified but there's a difference between if I say your unverified which means you have hope to be verified right we could do some things over five verses unverifiable there's a difference between those two words right what we hear the media say is that the reports in the dossier are unverified what the F. B. I. knew and what the inspector general's report reports is that the information was unverifiable meaning it was that loose it was that much here say it was that much rumor it was that much separated from facts that was unverifiable and yet the FBI persisted all right I'm not even done I have so many more facts to get you but just based on that super Dave how old do you come to the conclusion that there wasn't political bias in operation same investigators who are in charge of exonerating Hillary Clinton use a piece of information that was paid for by the Clinton campaign to get us why warrant on a member of trump's campaign who was a C. or working with the CIA but they left that out on the request how do you come to the conclusion that that was not bias we'll continue because I got more it's worse than that and there's big stuff coming down the pike newsradio a forty WHAS so you just talked about team Leland talk about a business that has the seven points all checked off and that is Claytor jewelers have you ever bought something from a jewelry store and then got back back in maybe a year later and you're like okay this is like an oil change place I don't recognize any of these people have been going to Claytor jewelers for more than a decade and every time I go and Megan Christie Sally Megan Christie Sally Megan Christie Sally how you doing the anniversary time making crispy Sally they're they're the Claytor babes are there and the business has been there for seventy years they're in the Westport village now and they always make it easy for the holidays and by the way that whole service after the sale thing perfect if you get an engagement ring because every step of the way they're going.

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