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Fitch. Ratings show, home sold in the Las Vegas metropolitan area are twenty one point three percent above fair market value and. Are believed, to be one of the most overvalued markets in America lake Mead we'll be able to meet the demands of. The south western states that uses water for the next thirteen months then a looming shortage could trigger mandatory cutbacks in, late twenty nineteen and nearly twenty year trend of dryer regional climate coupled with rising demand could drain so much water from the lake that the mandatory cutbacks would go into effect President Trump's stripping the security clearance of. One prominent critic, and reviewing clearance by others who have blasted him the president says former CIA chief John Brennan. Shown erotic conduct and, behavior and. Making wild allegations against the administration spokeswoman Sarah Sanders. Read a statement. In which the president said he's also reviewing clearances of, Jim Komi Jim Clapper Susan Rice. And other critics many served under President Obama and Sanders was asked if this can be seen as targeting critics all the president has the, constitutional responsibility to protect. Classified information, and who has access to it Colmey and former FBI deputy Andrew McCabe was also on the list don't. Even have, clearances right now saga megani at the White House China is sending a trade on void of the United States. In a renewed effort to end a worsening tariff dispute that has raised fears it will kill global economic growth the, ministry has announced that the delegation led by deputy commerce minister will visit Washington in late August to discuss issues of mutual concern it gave no details of a possible agenda the two governments are poised to impose a. New round of, tariff hikes on six billion dollars of each other's goods next week in the worsening conflict over Beijing's technology Policy this month meeting would. Be the first between senior US. And Chinese officials since the talks in. Beijing on the third of June. Which ended with no settlement I'm Sarah shakily portion of. US ninety three was closed for about, three hours, Wednesday after a suicidal person. Was reported on the Mike, O'Callaghan Pat Tillman memorial bridge Nevada highway patrol closed the bridge in both directions cutting off the quickest route between.

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