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An Email last night from Michael richton wall. He is a professor at NYU. He was a guy who wrote white papers for communist for years. And then he finally woke up just recently. And he was like, whoa. Whoa. This theory for me this. No, this always ends in death squads is really bad and. He has he is woke. And he wrote me last night. He said, I saw your special any said Glen, you're right spot on the money. He said, but I've cracked the code on one thing he said, this is a different kind of socialism or authoritarianism, and I invited him to come on the show because he agrees with me. We're running out of time. Now, maybe he will be on with us. I hope early next week to explain his theory because I think he's right on the money, but time is of the essence because voices are being silenced. And I'm going to talk to you about that. With the Poynter institute did yesterday. Also what Facebook did yesterday it is bone chilling? Steven Crowder is going to be joining us here in just a few minutes because he looks like he and his four million YouTube followers are going to be banned from YouTube, Steven Crowder. All of that begins in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. When I talked to a little bit about.

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