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Station, KTAR news. Arizona's news station. KTAR news on ninety two three FM fruit, Saint James and Pamela Hughes. The Phoenix police department is investigating as the result of a new cell phone video that came out of them, interacting with a couple with two small children, interacting. I'm trying to be just give the facts. Okay. How they interacted with them is the problem is the reason behind the investigation. Okay. All right. Make sure on the same page buddy. But they did interact interaction that took place definitely was interaction. And it is calling into question. Why the officers reacted the way they did you have to back up and say, there was an initial report of a shoplifting. Call from like a dollar store where a child had apparently shoplifted stolen a dull. Okay. So we have a Dolly. Was apparently stolen and there's a description of child K and the police are getting involved. Right off the bat. You're like, okay. Yeah. The police pull this vehicle over which they say fits the description of the vehicle in the shoplifting incident and. Exactly what transpires we're not sure the, the, the man is taken out of the vehicle. He was driving, and the video picks up with him lying face down on the ground, by the way, it's one hundred some odd degrees outside lying face down on the ground handcuff. Now, when you say the video, this is not a body camera video, this is video from a look see Lou somebody nearby. About getting looking down onto this is the case nowadays. You've got police. You've got some suspects people pull out their cell phones. And they start recording the cell phone video begins with a man on the pavement hands behind his back being handcuffed, by Phoenix police officer seconds later. He's yanked off the ground and then pushed up against the squad car his feet about shoulder width apart. That's when the office aggressively sweeps his leg, then yells. Okay. So the officer is yelling some, you know. A bleep do some of that out. And when we say, sweep the leg. You know, don't don't think of like karate kid, sweep the leg. No. This is a kind of a kick in the foot out a little bit further. So your stance is wider. And it does appear as though the guy that has pushed up against the police SUV wobbles a bit, maybe took a knee and then got back up. Right. It was aggressive aggressive. See anything in this suspect who's handcuffed also. I don't see him. Combative know what you've seen before. Sure. I don't understand why the officer is yelling the way he is. But again, I'm not there. And when I say, aggressive, I, maybe that is even too much of a term, it seems a bit too much. But in my in my civilian, I is it doesn't seem agreed. Yes. Okay. Not just me because when we had sergeant Darren Birch former a former sergeant Phoenix police department took a look at the video, and he caught up with Arizona's morning news. Heated say this. I think what's of concern is when he. Doing this lakes with that is taught in order to get someone against the, the car, you don't want them to somehow push up off you so you separate their legs. Okay. So what else was going on? Why would that leg sweep needed? Why is he officer? So agitate oak. Yes. And then but wait, there's more after we see the sweeping of the leg up against the police SUV. You have another officer who is now approaching the SUV that they just pulled the suspect out of right, right? With his gun drawn. Yes..

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