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Reese Witherspoon movie with I. Love this movie at that movie came to mind really what nailed it home was the scene where. The sister puts the the used tampons. In her mailbox and she comes out in the music's like. Whatever it's like this upbeat like you know a song and and like she's GonNa go out and face her sister and she throws him on the ground. I don't know something about that moment seemed very. Election and then also the way that she turns things to who to her vantage by getting rid of her current music teacher so that she can get the. Teacher that she wants. The way she plays that in this this weird. I, she just manipulates the situation, right it just felt very a lot like election interesting. I would've never never thought about. By the way that Song I ended up she zan I, liked it and added it to. Twenty Twenty playlists. Was that song. What is it called I I have here. It's Gazelle twin unflushed. Yeah. Gazelle twin. Yeah. They played a lot of that throughout and I really really liked There were a couple of things I did like about the movie one is the music in the way the music was were worked from that because I think there are a number of tracks from them that they they use and then. Also the classical music that was used really thought the music was done. Well, I also thought the cinematography was great. I thought there who were still style to the movie at time it was absolutely yeah. Yeah. No good good performances at good cinematography for sure and some interesting music choices. I'd say it's a mixed bag overall but like there's definitely some cool stuff going on with the music. And Yeah. I mean, really the story stories my main thing. So, election really interesting puzzle there. So my next my next piece is actually the black codes daughter. Is Twenty, fifteen film is. Just watched for the time recently and you know the whole private school setting. You know in that case, it's a boarding school here it's a music academy and also just the kind of the tone where there's not a lot of like actual like horror horror happening it's more creepy nece and Claustrophobia and like people being alone and like and like creeped. Out and and just the kind of general feeling being in that kind of a setting and being stuck in unsure of what's going to happen it kind of felt to me like it could be a pretty good companion piece there. No. Yeah. No. That is a good Yes. psychological horror is what I would say yes, it's it's definitely you know. Gets in the in the head, which is that not an eight to four film I think it is it is. So that's one of the things that they're really really good at doing i. think that's what the the witch of does as well is just really really getting under your skin and in your head and this one That's what it's going for. I don't know if it fully succeeds but yeah, the definitely. That is. Where this? Is is trying deadly and No that's a great when they didn't come to mind but that is great piece. Awesome say. I always say long the same lines though is a actually neon demon. The on Demon and neon demon that one of the things that made me think about it is that the on demons in the world of. Models and modeling, and it's almost like it's a version of Black Swan or this movie. It's almost like you know this is the music like swans dance and the on demand is modeling Rhonda and lots of. You know psychological horror lots of things implied in also you know is this really happening? Is this in the head that sort of thing I loved neon demand I actually have not really it since the first time I've seen it it's when I definitely need to revisit 'cause I loved that movie the look of it the feeling of it just can't recommend that when enough. But this was definitely one that I felt like I was a lesser. Version of that film. Yeah I mean we were just talking about the cinematography a few minutes ago and definitely like whenever whenever things start to get like. In this movie I mean I. It's got some really cool visuals and stuff which I you know I can absolutely see those being compared there, and then of course, just the you know another another particular arts world that the person is going nuts with. Bruno. So yeah, absolutely. That works. Also just as a quick aside before my next piece but the main star, this Sydney Sweeney does a great job she. She actually reminded me a lot of plaza. Anyway. She kinda got that kind of. I don't know she just kind of seems. Done with everything around her like you know she's kind of river it. You know over everybody and everything. Just, a little bit of that kind of yeah. I get what you're saying, and also at the same time maybe first impression is sweet but there's this darkness underneath shore. Yeah Yeah Absolutely So I, I only have one more piece. My my last piece is not a movie. But it is. It's kind of like they're the urban legend or whatever of Robert, Johnson selling soul of the devil you know. To become a great belief. And that, of course, there's many versions of that story over the years even in other songs and other musicians, musicians but you know I just figure that version is kind of like the classic and you know that this girl is kind of depending on what is real within the world of the movie and we're not a hundred percent sure on what's happening but what seems to be happening though is that she is you know. Rather than working necessarily for it, she's kind of taking the shortcut to become better than her sister and to become the best piano player and taking the shortcut by this demonic piece of music in this demonic notebook and so Yeah I think it's absolutely kind of stems from that same a folk tale and that is a great pc because I was trying to think of a movie specifically that dealt with that 'cause. I know. There's been lots of different ones I was thinking of the movie at which I I couldn't remember it very well I didn't bring it up but I believe it's called crossroads with a Ralph Macho. And then I was thinking isn't there something with the like the nation's de movie other think I was thinking of that that that's more of the devil went down to Georgia version. Of that of battling the devil but yeah. It's within.

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