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Was lying face up on a cath lab with a fabulous cardiologists beaches child looking down at me saying got to put some steps in your body it was not above pleasant experience to say the less but here I am ten years later and I I'd might have been able to avoid that if I ate chili peppers regularly because here now is a new study the checkout carried out in Italy where chili is a common ingredient and the study compared the risk of death among twenty three thousand people some of whom a chilly some of whom did not and it found out that participants who ate chili peppers their chance of death by stroke was cut in half is this is chili pepper our chili peppers the new modern day miracle medicine standing by talking about this is somebody's probably eating chili peppers even as we speak she is doctor Aaron Donald's in good guesser this program passionate about preventive medicine and standing by on the acute hearing centers dot com hotline and Dr Donald said how are you on this glorious Monday I'm hearing great ten are you ready for Christmas I'm ready for Christmas but I'm stopping by the store on the way home to get some hot chili peppers now this this yeah sounds too good to be true doctor Donald I hate to burst your bubble I worry that it it possibly could be to get the B. trail so it's an interesting study from Chile peppers have something called capsaicin in them when I if you're with her have heard that word before because it popped up a few times finance linking to being like appetite increased burning other really get things for us so I'm certainly all on board for people eating chili peppers and plenty of fresh vegetables Betty that made me wonder if it included in the FAQ that trail it is because it doesn't necessarily replace exercise and eating properly and other things I mean it's not like you can sit around your couch eating Cheetos all day and then pop a few chili peppers and everything's going to be okay right you're exactly right and that study was done with a large number of people like you mentioned over twenty two thousand but the good thing for the people involved in the study but that the tough thing about analyzing the earth about less than two percent of the people actually died of a heart attack or stroke so the actual number analyze when you know whether the chili peppers help them or not it is very well politically you look at less than two percent of that number and if you analyze it the old people eat chili peppers are not the actual number is pretty small when you look at it that way thing is you know these studies which is nothing nothing negative about this is that the you traction bodies are what we call observational beating they don't really change anything or or pine to these people are limit anything else should their diet or lifestyle well you know did you eat chili peppers or not and it does and the people who are eating a lot of fresh chili peppers are probably doing things like eating a lot of fresh vegetables probably other lifestyle choices like you mentioned why so it doesn't really tell us hi this to happen so this thing called capsaicin which is in Chile peppers doesn't exist in other foods or do you have to eat chili peppers to get that in your blood stream it's a lot of things that have a fight so think of it with with things that are right so it is in a lot of pepper and I'm not know honestly there are a lot of health benefits if they have a lot of different vitamins and anti oxidants really any friends vegetable that had the bright color to it I would recommend it that would certainly Dougherty hardball yeah so any oxidants in caps Asian so it's kind of like and exfoliation for the inside of the body right yeah you definitely can think about it that way when our body breaks down our our future energy for our cells which happens every single time we each put something called free radicals oxidative stress target at the debris or the extent energy left over after you give birth and she will be in the anti oxidants capture that energy into it that way so it really does help clean up our well we got a lot of free radicals loose here in Cincinnati so maybe that that has something to do with that I don't know on the right doctor and Donald soon preventive medicine and well this is what she's all about okay well you know what's you know what's happening and it started last week and it is going to continue on through January first they're going to be get all these family gatherings or with friends or whatever or maybe you're going out to eat I don't know what you might do but you there there is going to be an inordinate amount of food and it's not just like thanksgiving words one day it's Christmas Eve and Christmas day it's the day after Christmas it's new year's eve it's new year's day and we're just going to be you know dated with all of these dining options and we're probably all not going to do what we should do now I'm not asking you to be a dietary Scrooge here doctor Donaldson but I mean what how should we approach throwing food down our throats here in the next seven to eight days what should we do you know it's a tough thing and it's going to depend I you know I heard you it before you came on saying that the closure can your shipping your anniversary from your I want to say that's that's amazing to hear I'm so glad you're doing so well you're not alone it is that time of year that the thing that pop up more frequently this technical holiday heart and drown and I used to work in the hospital and and we see a lot of that I think the point you started it people are sleeping the toppling their strat they're probably drinking alcohol not to say you were but they're not quite as hydrated it is really a perfect storm which I would I would say the people that you're in and a lot of people know who they are if you're not quite in that healthier category we don't have quite as much room for error to quote totally go off the wagon here with all your other health practices keep that in mind you know one thing I tell my patients maybe have like a lot of water and a healthy snack before you go to the holiday parties or family get together so you're not tempted to have quite so much before you get there Hey don't look at that and and enjoy time with your family yeah it's not a good another like a good glass of metamucil before you go out to eat you know those you know and then there's nothing else you could throw down your throat but I I you know I'm glad that we had a chance to talk your doctor because I was going to stop by and get some you know some Carolina reapers or something on the way home but we're really all I have to do is eat you know nice colored vegetables which probably is better for my innards anyway the doctor does you have you have a very very happy holiday and we will visit down the road thank you so much well you take care there she is she knows best but it does say here I mean I'm not making this this stuff up I can't make things up on a local radio host it was a study that was done among twenty three thousand people and these people their health status and eating habits were monitored over eight years and researchers found that the risk of dying from a heart attack was forty percent lower among those among those eating chili peppers at least four times a week not every day it's not report times a week and death from stroke was more than have so I'm gonna continue to eat healthy but you know what I'm probably gonna throw some chili peppers down my throat because as they say in life you can always be that sure all right straight ahead are you enrolled have you been diagnosed with something that scares you are you afraid that that may be you the end is near because you'll have been on the internet search doing a Google trying to self diagnose well number one stay off the internets and stay tuned it continues after the news on seven hundred W. L. W. weather affecting travel this holiday weekend I Matt Rees seven hundred WLW dot com winter weather hitting parts of the country out west drivers stranded for hours southern California pounded with heavy rain and snow at one point forcing parts of two inner space to shut down airlines already.

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