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Hours with traffic reports. More often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio rain showers continue to fall right now round, southern California. We'll check the radar coming up here in just a few seconds outside of that. It's going to be gone pretty much by the noon hour, then we'll turn partly cloudy to mostly cloudy and wins at about fifteen to twenty five miles per hour. Fast east for our lows highs in the sixties and right now check where the reins at bypassed gone through now Thousand Oaks gone through Malibu still up in the canyons Brown. Agoura hills. Calabasas rain up in there. It's left seamy valley and still heading toward the San Fernando is still heavy in the San Fernando Valley burger. Bank and on down through Inglewood in LA and here in the miracle mile. We have quite a bit of rain Santa Clarita still falling pretty heavily and then south bay and Yorba Linda Anaheim that area down all the way over to San Bernardino and riverside some patches that it's already gone through. But I can west Covina. But you're going to get some more rank and just a little bit. As this storm moves eastward and loses some straight as it. Does check a few temperatures for you right now. Let's go up to that part of our forecast Long Beach down sixty one Santa Monica Sixty-three Anaheim at sixty and Chatsworth. Fifty eight degrees at two seventy five day forecast. Coming up at two fifteen now, we're also getting rain pounding in Redondo beach, rain arrived in southern California. The burn areas raising worries about possible mud and ash flows. Homeowners picked up sandbags at Zuma beach to stack around their property before the storm began people came by all day long picking up sandbags were filled by fire department camp cruise which replace. By homeowners in and around their properties to divert ash, flows county fire section chief Kenichi has says the big question remains how much rain, but we get tonight whether could trigger slides or flows the rainfall they're predicting by no is about point two two point four apprentice per hour, not enough to create huge mud flow events about enough to create water to come off with debris and ashes onto the roadways. Speaking of roadways the county fire department of the department of public works recommends a to avoid Los virtuous Canaan decker an insult canyons. Because even a light rain can cause rockslides and made driving hazardous.

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