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Three hit and i was on edge i going to yet wow i just finished that i was watching safe shoes thirteen reasons dropbox style i got like one episode left no safe that's on netflix holcombe number what's that about it's about a guy searching for his daughter went missing her boyfriend and father went searching for his daughter but at the same time as he searching for his daughter a lotta secrets and stuff and coming out because they live in a gated neighborhood okay so a lot of secrets been coming out se's fan trying to find his daughter's everything's at twitter about him oh list watching on monday from dexter star ending is is worth it episode eight laugh it better be good i watch a show on netflix money heist that was pretty grace to posit at finished issue pretty quick it was good okay yes there's two parts yeah what you mean is they call it posits two seasons oh gotcha okay code does it a regular show i watched chicago pd that's my stuff really chicago is my show i like chicago which one is favorite out of the cargo i'd like pd i like one reason we go i used to watch chicago to it went into a win like an a different route so what does this what is the chicago all base out of chicago intersect chicago fires the fire department okay okay all right gee that all those shows.

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