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And their life together, and Shannon was shot because his seemed to be so sudden so out of nowhere Pepe thing. Yes. So she cancelled the gender reveal party that she had planned for the following Saturday in the family flew back to Colorado on August, seventh. And Chris slept in the basement. The couple talk the next day, Chris agreed to counseling and also she planned trip to Aspen for them for the weekend of August seventeenth to the nineteenth, which I don't know how they afforded that. But that's a whole other story getting into their we are rookery so unorganised tenth Shinhan left for her work trip to Arizona. So they get back on the seventh and on the tenth. She's good a business trip. And while they're her friends who also worked for thrive who just the company she worked for said. She was not herself. She seemed to be said and preoccupied now for those she talked with she said that her marriage was in trouble. And she was confused about the situation. And she wanted out loud of Chris could have been having an affair Jesus. That's the first thing. I would have thought of if I mentioned answer shoes and all the stuff is going on. He must be having an affair. Well, apparently to one of our friends. She said, no he wouldn't have affair because he had no game. So she didn't think he would cheat. She said, but she did check his charges on his credit card. So maybe she does think it's possible shouldn't think cheap. But just in case, maybe I'll check this credit card receipt. Well, I mean one other red flag to me that really sticks out as he'd lost like forty five pounds. He was all buff into working out. That's usually a sign when you try and fix yourself up that there's somebody else you're interested. It no kidding. Well, the other thing grew to see that one of the science that your husband's having an affair as it. He comes home after work and takes shower. Yeah. That's another thing. Anyway. So that weekend on Saturday night. Shinhan looked at the charge cards from her trip in Arizona and saw that Chris charged over sixty dollars from a place called the lazy dog saloon place back home where he was Chris told Shannon that he was going to Colorado Rockies game with some guy friends he'd gotten a baby. Sitter for the girls any left the house from five thirty PM to ten thirty pm Shinhan after she read this charge online. I imagined. She texted him in. Esta 'bout the charge press said he had ordered, salmon and a beer, but Shinhan went online and looked at the menu. And she saw that his Bill should have been about twenty bucks. And she also questioned how late he got home that night. Not by any of this stuff from her husband. I don't think. So. No who says, yeah, I went out and had dinner, and I had salmon and a beer, and she goes online says your fucking live. Well, I mean, she was also the one in charge of the money for the most part. So I don't think it was that unusual for her to keep track of his charges. But she was definitely questioning this one. There's no doubt. No kidding. So Chris that she had returned from the trip early that morning. August thirteenth a little before two because the flight had been delayed and the co dropped her off. Had her house just before two. And then Chris claimed that he woke up at four in the morning to get ready for work. He said he woke up, and they had an emotional conversation about the relationship and they discuss selling in house and filing for divorce. I guess it would be an emotional conversation share. And he did that it was an argument. He said they've been discussing a separation for several weeks. And he said that they talked about thirty or forty minutes that morning when he left for work at five forty five. He said she was sleeping. So Kris told the officer several times that he had left the garage door open when he left for work and that he got an alarm on his phone around twelve forty that afternoon notifying him that the garage door was open. But Nicole when her and her son arrived said that the garage door was shut images desk something. Okay. So if I'm not sure we don't have any kind of app that would tell us our garage doors open. Do we? Yeah. If the alarm goes off, it'll say the stores open, okay. All right. So if we do that how come she left for work at quarters six he didn't get an alarm until twelve noon. They left the door open. It would tell you that as soon as you set the alarm that you've left the garage door open. Exactly. Yeah. Nobody's believing this stuff or you're right. That's a good thing you pointed that out though, that's true. So Chris went to work in an oil well location job site in order to check on. It is alone. There he worked for Anadarko Petroleum Corporation where he is an operator working on oil wells and Queant. So he told police this Shannon had planned to spend the day with the kids at a friend's house. But it didn't know the name of the friend. He said, the Shannon's disappearance was really I've normal behavior. And he said that he blamed himself for her leaving because he believed it was the result of their divorce conversation was a divorce or separation. I talked about party. Yes. Right. Selling the house and partying and probably divorcing. So Chris was asked by police to check his Bank accounts for any activity. But he said that he couldn't log on because Shannon handled all the finances and he didn't have the log. Sounds like our house. No, it doesn't know. You forget the law, but you have it. Yeah. Yeah. He also didn't know what credit cards Shinhan head. He did agree to call their Bank to get the information. One other thing he didn't know as where she kept her passport. So he doesn't seem to know much about things were said he should since pretty clueless. Yeah. Almost like he was a child in the house and not a partner. Excellent point. Yeah. I think that's a good observe -ation. So August thirteenth would have been the girls. First day back there preschool had outfits picked out for the occasion. But eight fifteen that morning Chris called the school until them that the girls would not be attending because they're thinking of moving away. I think that's very odd. Isn't it? Even more. I'd he then asked they aren't there are they? Do you think about that? He was confused. Why did he say that? I think he was using it to help his alibi. It didn't though it hurts. I know it didn't. But if he's thinking that they should be at school. How do you explain your family's missing that you call that morning and said the kids wouldn't be there that means you knew so that's a dead giveaway. Well, who wasn't thinking clearly well and part of what I read is that he would have had to pay about five hundred dollars that day to pay the week in advance. And he didn't have the money to do that your report he texted Shannon's phone around seven forty AM anti sent some text later, but he never reached out to anyone ever, friends or co-workers. And you never went home to check when she didn't respond to anything he called her phone at eight twenty five AM with no response. Obviously also on that day. Chris search the internet for the lyrics to. Talich a song called battery. The lyrics include smashing through. The boundaries lunacy has found me cannot kill the battery cannot kill the family. Awful just gives me chills. Pretty weird shit. Yeah. He told police that he and Shannon had fallen out of love with each other. But he denied that. He was seeing anyone else Shinhan friends and family reported that Chris and Shanon had a really good marriage. That Chris was a caring husband and most of them thought that everything was good. Then when Chris found out Shannon was pregnant with their third child. They did say that Chris didn't seem as excited as they thought. He would be weren't, you know, the video we what when when she told him that she's pregnant she had on the T shirt. Yes. Who soon appropriate then he thinks I didn't think so are fully was fine. His seemed to be excited. Let seemed fake to me. He didn't go over and hugger anything unless we couldn't see that on the video. And it's all interpretation is also that he wasn't acting right to me. Right. Yeah. So his demeanor did seem pretty odd to investigators because he didn't seem really upset or word. Now, he seemed nervous, but he didn't seem concerned about what could be happening with his family. He just seemed kind of unsettled about answering any questions he didn't wanna make eye contact. He kept looking at his phone. But why would you be texting people if your wife's missing wind should be calling people are think he didn't really express any concerns about the girls wellbeing. So even if he's angry with his wife, you think he'd be worried about the girls separate all this out. Even if he and his wife aren't getting along. He still got these two lovely girls, which is a totally separate issue road. So he should be looking for them or worried about them. Yeah. I mean, they both had asthma. The medication was at the house and see see headed tree nut allergy. And our epi pen was left behind. Now. An epi pen is something that should always be with the child. Absolutely something like that. You have exposure to the nuts. Go into NFL axis. You gotta have adrenaline the epi pen. Ain't how much time. Do you have to get that shot before someone could die minutes? It's not not like, okay. Let's drive home for the next hour. I know that so pretty urgent they should depending on the degree of allergy. 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