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We can't run because you're so far behind. They can just play the run very impressive. Nice guilt. Because it wasn't like the Cowboys was throwing the ball and they had a big league. And if you told me yesterday the Dak Prescott would go down seven times seven times. And finally if you told me yesterday that lateness game to forty two to go that my Mandak Prescott would have third in five from the six yard line and stand and stand and staying with the football like he is want to do and he holds the ball to long because he thinks he can get out of trouble because he's so big and strong. He's gonna make exempt break a tackle and make a run, but he stood too long and Kim Jordan just made aleisha move up and under one a year moves patent James Arison move and just blew the play up knocked the ball out of his hands. If you told me that was going to happen. And drew Brees. We'll get the ball back with two forty left in the game. And I'm gonna say it again drew Brees all time ranks third in game winning drives with forty five. One ahead of Tom Brady game. When he's he's clutch. Man, you giving the football. Back. I thought I was dead in the water. I'm saying way to go, Shannon Sharpe. At that point. I thought you had it feeling good because I was feeling good just about getting overtime because they're gonna get three. I just hope they don't get seven. Because if he gets seven I lose obviously, and he has plenty of time, and he completes a little Dink and dunked passer five on first down and on second down. We just talked about it. He threw the worst pass of his life. I'm pretty sure under the circumstances. That was a shocking cowboy moment as I've ever experienced because I didn't see that one come though. And it wasn't really about what my guys did. Although Maliki put pressure on him, but it was cumulative build up, and he just gag man. And he threw a dying duck and just like it's wobble into the left in Jordan LUSA just play zone. Wouldn't like he broke on the ball. He's just like really skill. For for that to be big and strong with us. He really has a weak grip. The ball comes out on awful lot. When you get if you notice this. Maybe it's hands aren't that size. Cut his lip out of hand. Again, last the ball is starting to come out with greater regularity. You can't like that intendo. He ran like a man. But he that that's why he holds the ball. He won't just throw it away tackles, not I get you. But that's why he'll just stand stand stand saying just throw it away. Because too many times when he has a chance just to throw it in the ground. He'll stand with it and take minus eight minus twelve right? Well, that's no good. Just sorta way live to play another play. Right. Okay. So in this case, if you told me all that I'd say, wow, they didn't really play that. Well last night, but in the first half back deduct Prescott he led three long drives against a pretty good defense. That's what he does best. And if you want the numbers he went twelve plays for sixty seven yards to start the game field goal. He went eight plays eighty five yards for a touchdown that'll work. And then after that, fourth and. Goals stand. They get at the one yard line. He drives it seventy yards outta jail down the field and gets what became the winning field goal. This is all in the first half. So you gotta give him that. He did hit eighteen straight passes. You said yesterday can't throw an again is he a great narrower. No. Inaccuracy but last night where he hit them out while he was running down wide open that would've silt the game. He missed that one. He hit him in the first quarter right in the first drive for forty yards. And he had the same in Michael Gallup, just smoke the corner. He just stove Eli. Bit. He went and did that wouldn't even real like double move. He just took off in. He likes. Well, who got that guy? You did you see his faith that look distress?.

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