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The years for the glide foundation's work helping san francisco's homeless in the eighteen years the event has been going on the most anyone's ever paid for a lunch with the oracle of maha was over three point four million dollars in two thousand twelve or two thousand sixteen the winners ask him about a variety of topics the only subject that's off limits is what buffett might invest in next thirtythreeyearold brooklyn man died early today and police thank his death may be linked to k to william minion was found unconscious inside his apartment on putnam avenue at bushwick about three thirty medics rushed into brooklyn university hospital where he died an autopsy has been scheduled to determine what caused minions death but officers found several packages of the synthetic marijuana in his apartment cops have investigated two hundred forty kt overdoses since may nineteenth nude crackdown on a potentially dangerous strain of k two has led to seventy four arrests and the seizure of more than one thousand packages of the drug new jersey governor murphy is told state agencies to prepare for a government shutdown that could happen at the end of the month if a new budget deal is not reached by that governor murphy sent out the notice after this week's meeting with legislative leaders that was described as tense and unproductive one source even called the meeting ugly the governor said he wants to see contingency plans by june eleventh just in case negotiations don't make any progress detectives are investigating a gruesome scene at a queens hotel police were called to the la quinta on queens boulevard about two thirty friday afternoon they found the body of a man whose throat had been slashed the ms responded and pronounced the man dead sources said it's possible man committed suicide but the medical examiner will determine the official cause of death wins news time three thirty seven mcafee drink is the.

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