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He can do that winning what would be a first step for someone that wanted to love themselves more and and change that talk. I guess the mirror what i chimera minutes is dislike act tonight before you go go to bed and he'd taking your makeup buffy wash face actually look at yourself like not down or somewhere else so you phone or scrolling that we've become. I'm this nation that just swipe squalls skull like like you know everything's instant gratification and i didn't know about you guys but it makes me feel shit when i look could instagram sometimes because everyone's portraying this. I'm fabulous. Look in my life and you know then. Not you know that's just that instagram picture that they've put on right so don't don't compare yourself to other people look at yourself in the mirror. Look truly look at yourself and say something positive and and believe it and i think that's your first mantra right. I'm a vision of health and beauty. My mom taught me that when i was like five years old and as my mantra since i was a little girl mma vision of health and beauty eighty so i say it to my son every night before he goes to bed but just trying to change the whole process. Pick a mantra say something positive. You've done compare yourself. My mantra is i am infinite love. That's my the thing that i like it speaking of social media. I just think it's it's so hard to just manage expectations manage your own perspective on the world and in and on yourself so you know you've you've been you've been doing it all really you've been on t._v. You have your studios rose. You have the app also incredible. It's just you're out there. You're out there and so so visible and and i'm sure it could feel vulnerable at times. So what have you learned. And what boundaries have you created around social media. I joke but i think it's like we should have a license to be on social media but i really take it seriously. I understand that i've been blessed to have a platform to speak to women and so i don't take that lightly an i try and be very responsible all about what i post. I think it's really important that you know. I have a responsibility parts real. I too have reeled talk and not just post something glamorous us you know or put filters on it or try and pretend to be something that i'm not and i know i get frustrated. When i see you know influences winces and now everybody's influence a like someone's got a six pack and they're an influence sir and they'd telling you had to do an exercise but they've never trained and they have uh-huh qualifications and it's it's it's frustrating because like one you probably injure the sun because they're going to follow these exercises and to it's like just stay in your lane and be you and and stop i. I didn't know it gets me a little bit frustrated. So i try and use my platform in a really positive resited way <hes> and of course sometimes someone writes something negative but i just delete it or block or on follow and move on you know it's like i don't partake in in the madness as you know that person's just seeing behind a computer writing something and they probably very unhappy in their lives but i think we can use social media in a positive light to promote wellness and health and and and try and stay away from the negatively if you can. It's hard. I know but try in just follow positive people. What would you say to someone who's nervous about doing a dance class either i i. I didn't know i mean if you see me <hes> teach she class or if he know me i just make a fool of myself and i don't care like i try and disarm the situation and just try and be <hes> i dunno funding funding crazy and i think that seem points thing is as long as you're not standing on someone smashing them in the face next year. You can be creative and do whatever you you want go. You know be joyous as you want but don't be afraid to do it like sometimes people come in and they're like the hottest thing is just getting in the room and once you're in the room and you've completed the cost like oh that wasn't too bad and you come back again so my thing i would say every body the first time they come to any of my shears. Oh try <hes> the app for the first time you know. Just try and do five minutes. Just stay in the room. Try and do it and the next day you do it. You're going to be even better..

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