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Hey Do you know how to say a back back back in Chinese. Yeah it's Oh sorry about that but hey mary almost Christmas and this is the time of year in China where those of us who do get time off for Christmas are going home or going travelling and those of us. Who Don't aren't because Christmas isn't a Chinese holiday? It's a phenomenon I call thanos clause like he just snapped his fingers. Get it and half the foreigners disappeared. Don't worry about it so bad jokes. Notwithstanding around this time lots of people are talking about going home and seeing your family. And that's exactly what we're GonNa talk about on today's show with abors high achievers high and the words we're going to focus on our way war to return to your country wake war fan annoying fan when one just a warm feeling win one God. y'All awkward conversation. Golly all and Hussier harmonious her Shia so abors and I are going to walk you through all that but I. We had a little chat about Christmas in China. So do you have any Christmas plans I'm actually going to Honcho to visit my friend because I got one day off on Christmas holder. You get a day off for Christmas. Yup that's unusual right. Chinese companies usually don't have any time offer Christmas right. Yup Thank you right you worked for night. So why does Nike give the company. I know it's an American company but yeah I think there's just I too many expats in the company. Yeah and I thought it would come to be unfair to let all the foreigners have a day off a bit us being in hair working yet that would not be a good luck Like okay four hundred so you can go chill all you. Chinese people stay here. Justice doesn't love you. Yes a lot of foreign. Employees are like a management roles. Well all the Chinese or most of the Chinese workers are like in Doing some some basic works so without them being there for Christmas. There's literally ladle can be down right. So what are you going to do in Hong Joe Shoes have dinner a drink drink and come up with Shanghai because next day I have to work. Yeah it's on a Wednesday rate Yet mistake let sounds Nice. I'm flying out on Sunday to go back to the states. We'll Song Ha. You remembered from our first episode will swallow means I'm sour or meaning in the you. Yeah and just today eh one of our fans and my personal friend and a great translator living in Heiko Nicky sent me a link to some of the most hot Chinese slang words from Twenty nineteen eighteen and was swan. La is on there. So thank you for bringing the heat. Now welcome yeah all right so as we mentioned it's unusual for Chinese people people to have time off for Christmas yet because not a Chinese holiday but like there's Christmas decorations up everywhere around Christmas time. Yeah especially in Shanghai like they got all the Christmas market at an office workshops at teaching you how to make Christmas candles which I believe is nothing special. I've never yeah. It's initials of a Christmas tree. Candles in the shape of a Christmas tree. Yeah this seems like one of the least efficient candle shapes imaginable. Yeah whatever floats your boat a so aside from just wild decorations. Are there any other traditions associated with Christmas in China. Well Chinese people really like giving each other Apple Apple Darren Christmas apples yep apples I know. Apple's yes is it. Looks like a big fat Santa Claus no because Christmas Eve in China is translated as Ping Ping on means safe at a year means night. Yes Oh peeing on yeah is like Silent Knight Save Tonight That's crazy so we call it Christmas Eve and they literally call it peeing on Saturday night and hall is pinnacle so we got the same sound so pink apple sounds like Ping on year has the Ping in there So it's the silent Knight Fruit. Yep should I be buying buying apples for all my friends or is this something I can safely ignore. You can just ignore them okay. Yeah do you do apple prices go up. I'm assuming around Christmas. Yeah they go up like Three times I think those shopkeepers put those apples in the like those little ravens and so for thirty rb an apple so all you Americans and foreigners out there if you feel like Christmas is over commercialized in your country you know. Just relax because even in a country where Christmas means nothing that still being crassly commercialized by apple vendors I don't know if that makes me feel better or worse. Well in the West are at least in the USA. One of the most time honored Christmas traditions of all is going home and arguing with your family about politics wchs so today we're GonNa give you a little bit of a conversation about talking about going home and meeting your family but hey like. Is there something that Chinese families argue about when they meet up for holidays When Chinese people are ours celebrating Spring Festival together they? They're like my folks already always asking me. Did you get a boyfriend. Yep That marriage pressure I get that to you. But I'm I'm assuming not nearly as strong as Chinese people do uh-huh How do you deal with that I'm not going to go home this year. Yeah Best Block no be there is yes so so now that we know that is not going back. Let's read this conversation about going back. Christmas kick us off. It shown Dungy wait warmer quay. Yeah we'll pay. John Pays heireann fumble fan wind wind. God taryn couch on shoots woman. Don't you push All right if you didn't catch all that don't worry abors and I are here for you. Let's go through it line by line. The first line is Michel CIANCI Okay me you shung. Dan Zia is Christmas. And what are the so sia means festival or holiday. Edward This is Shaun Don's ear. What is the shut down Shung is led remains saint saint. Yeah and then as sunshine birth so the Saint Birth Festival. Yup the birth of the Saint Shun Danza okay. Me Shung Danza. Way Guayama so what is way Guar Waco. Let's remains return contrary. Yeah so way return country but it means go back to your country so this is something that as a foreigner people ask me about a lot. WAIGWA knee Waigwa. Are you GONNA go back to your country So knee Shandong's quake woma. Are you going back to your country for Christmas but hold on for Spring Festival. You're already in China. So you couldn't ask your friends yet new twins Lia quake woma because they're already in the war. Yeah so how would you ask that to a Chinese Person Echo say neutrons you it quits Alma. A waiter return home yet. Okay Niche Wins Year. Wade Dharma and that'll be useful in January when everyone's getting ready for twinsies for the Spring Festival so Go home me some. Dan's quake woma. Are you going home for Christmas. And I said quite Alpine goats. Yeah so way is return you asked. Will you wake war and I said way means yeah. I'm returning y'all Paul page. Darden would Zia. So y'all meeting will pay means like a company. Yes Oh pay jargon. Jargon is family people my family members so page on is a company. My family. This pay is interesting. How can we use this pay? You could say pay watcher doc Pay Watcher Bumba yet. So pay war. Accompany me sure. Fun is to have a meal at bought makes it like a suggestion. Yep So pay. What's your Ombu? You're inviting someone to eat with you. Yeah I often hear it use in this way. My feeling is that pay pay means that you are like someone else's doing something and I am going to do it with them like being there for their support rally there the primary person uh-huh I am because they are going I will accompany them Go is that the way you feel like you're like having dinner together because you're equally enjoying enjoy each other's company so it's like equally enjoy this thing. Oh but if you're like a pay what. She accomplished me to a hospital room. Maybe I'm the one that needed to all the examinations and you are purely there because WanNa sport me right. Okay so my feeling Ling was only half wrong sometimes depends on the situation. Okay so way. Page out in hordes year which means means to spend the festival woman's to pass or to go through. Tia is festival so boise is to spend the festival yelp page Ardon Gorge. Yeah all right. And the next one pay talent fumble front page aren fine booth fan okay. So the the first one pay Johnson accompanying your family or spending time with your family. Fan Bull Fan. What is this? What does this mean? What is the fun here Uh Fun as Muffin. Trouble trouble or something bothersome or something annoying something you don't want to deal with So this construction attraction Fan Boffon. It's two fans with a boo in the middle. And this is the construction. We used to ask if something is fan or or not you could also say like how hall okay. Is it good or not good hall good Pool Hall not good so Hobble Hall means I'm asking you whether or not it's good yet find Bovin. I'm asking you if it's fun. So how can we use fun. In other cases I think you can often hear this word. You'd pop like Mafia tonight. Probably you for a light okay. Oh that's interesting. Because you're right a muffin. Mathon is sort of a famous word among foreigners. Yeah it's really hard to translate directly into English but it's used to describe something that's just really troublesome. I still want to deal with A. I'm just not going to do it. It's too muffin. But here you're actually using it as a polite way to ask for something. Like mafia knee tickle who So mafia UNE- trouble. You bother you see.

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