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Noon let's get to our medal landon for your wjr traffic and weather first on the fives good morning there is an accident crews are trying to clear this recchi's found 696 just after a miracle drive it is affecting the right shoulder also the 94 is known exit ramp to shane is scheduled to be closed for construction through midnovember and heinz drive between west outer drive in ann arbor trail close this morning because of flooding i'm arm and a landrover wjr traffic first on the fives wjr weather center genuine you see the rain develops flood watch noon today until wednesday afternoon an occasional rain it is today half inch of rain fifty two on a south breeze more rain tonight will stay in the fifties periods of rain near record warmth tomorrow highs in the low 60s with a gusty breeze the weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich on news talk seven sixty wjr the frank beckmann show news talk seven sixty wjr sitting in for greg here's guy gordon aware is karen newman when we needed her good lord did you see the end all star game last night and you know i don't know why entertainers feel that they need to somehow put their spin on the national anthem it's pretty simple it's not easy song to sing so just sing it well sing it with feeling don't try to vamp it up for goodness sake s in yet ferdi and for those of either don't know frigate she's been around since she was a kid artists a child artists the recording artist in like kinney bumper stuff and then she grew up she did some more pop and then became a one of the lead singers though blackeyed peas was invited to do the allstar game anthem last night and turned we're we're was the game last night i wasn't that was in the air i think this was in la at the staples center you so basically with the national anthem tried to turn the staples center.

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