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Care. As a heard, but I don't know okay and I'll and I'll get to your desire to fight him in a second. But I'm just curious when you got the call around a month and a half or so ago. What kind of shape were you in? SHAPE I've been training fighters. I've never told you out of shape shaved you. Need to go to jail might gas Jim? Moon. Around or things in often in jumped. Danes. Often jog do my lip Lin morning still. So I, wasn't horrible shape when I got calls in our. Thank. God to. Harbor Shame can give it simple. Right and have you I'm sure you have and I'm just curious. Have you seen the footage of him that has come out over the last few months? The shape that he's in hitting them. What did you think when you saw that grabbed me from might be as moving that have been explosive in Alpha. He's still my tax So I got to prepare like fighting my Tyson Eighty, eight 'cause. He's still Mike. Tyson. Now, he might as well twelve. But for six seventy steelers. Did. He surprise you like the speed, the power, the ferocity that surprise you when you saw it after all these years. Not. surprised. Because it's like riding a bike long mentally healthy was years in. The most member should be about. So don't surprise me because if you look at me onto still just will not for sale. So. Is this the only fight that you've have come back for only one still not worth. You're done out that. So mentally, is it hard to get right back like now you're preparing for a big fight that's generating. This is we're back in. Two thousand one all over again here with you stealing the headlines, how do you go from being retired and be a coach and you're still in the gym? Of course, you're not sitting on the couch, but now getting all this attention training camp, is it a hard switch to turn on? North, not because nobody bothered said, you. Always said me mad, you know what happened as you and Mike Tyson around in the social media era, do not come up money generated. Guess what just found out? What kind of attention regenerate because guy gave was that one opportunities do it again? So now we probably vile jared, because we got one opportunity to do it again. So how could you take frown down when that's the one 'cause the complaints that you have been? You've met you around in the social media era which would have done. What guess what we were awry, we wear around. We just we are grounds passed out crimes, but we still like Mike, said, we still have big names. Big Gas today. Do you find that surprising that people aren't on your love. You know the there, of course are the canals and the triple Jeez those guys. But we haven't seen many crossover stars like you guys were in your day. Is that an indictment on the stars than indictment on the sport? 'cause isn't that knows dozens? To. Make, Star. Different. Kimsey by knock mile auto guys that made the Olympic teams and widow let Bates or beat him noted trials or the guy who prompted Alice's when he elgin when they bro he woke the will. He midst. And hit the effect angled cycle to amazing that psych wisdom gave him that infect it made. Me would not want to miss a Mike. Tyson fight on, did might help US allies goose really backed out or you'd go. Crazy. But he was double tate entertainment just about the fight it was. In the invite, you knew easily him to knock out some of you. And, you will see some crazy after so pure entertainment, he had the effect. On me or words ofo usually get. Him How he beg cutting shotgun method man brings Whitney. HOUSTON. Singing America abuse. Consult special. Dan Will. It was entering outrage or you'll get some special. You'll get special extra added entertainment is dead me. We don't have nobody gives us special added entertainment not. A Lotta guys give it to negativity. Not. They won't positive in the damage that everybody's watching.

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