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NYC that's what it's all about folks during these on air fundraisers just kind of peeling back the curtain and saying this is how we do it listener support is the single largest source of our funding so get in on this iPad giveaway to we've got ten I pads to give away but we're going to close that at seven a clock your contribution right now gets you entered eight eight eight three seven six nine six nine two thanks so much from NPR news this is All Things Considered I'm ari Shapiro and America was Kelly throughout his time in office president trump has tried to help the coal industry is rolled back environmental regulations he's pushed for subsidies and yet coal fired power plants continue to close today's casualties a major coal company run by one of trump's biggest supporters and here's Jeff Brady reports on the bankruptcy of Marie energy in the Murray energy lobby in Saint Clairsville Ohio there's a photo of founder Bob Murray with president trump giving two thumbs up and in Murray's big corner office there's a replica of airforce two signed on the wing by vice president Mike pence there's also a constant hissing sound at seventy nine years old Bob Murray suffers from a lung condition that requires him to be on oxygen he says it's not related to his business check for that and it's not as a vendor was working in the coal mines which I did for seventeen years underground everyday Murray built his business over decades and now says it's the largest underground coal mining firm in the country he accomplish that by buying other coal companies now a combination of large debts and a declining coal market is forced them into bankruptcy my goal is to keep the company go keep it together for my employees as part of Marie's agreement that lenders his nephew Robert Moore will become president and CEO Murray will remain as chairman despite president trump's campaign promise to help the coal business dozens of coal power plants are shut down since he was elected Murray doesn't blame trump for his company's bankruptcy he says the administration has been helpful in rolling back environmental regulations Murray specifically asked for most of them including replacing president Obama's clean power plan and withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement but Murray says the coal industry needs even more help the government should be stepping in keeping coal fired generation in existence the government's done nothing Murray wants the federal energy regulatory commission or for contest subsidize struggling coal plants he says Cole with its fuel stored on site is more reliable the natural gas that has to be piped in and renewable energy that only generates when the sun is shining in the wind blows so far regulators in grid operators have not been persuaded were unable crisis resiliency build in a park people want to freeze in the dark that is a prediction Marianne hit of the Sierra Club regex frankly this is just a scare tactic for those who want to try to take our country backwards into a twentieth century energy economy it says now the world needs renewable energy that doesn't contribute to climate change she says US power grids are managed by knowledgeable engineers focused on keeping electricity flowing every time a coal plant is proposed for retirement their job is to make sure that as that coal plant retires that our lights will stay on and there will be any threat to the reliability of our electricity coal miners represented by the United mine workers of America that will likely will suffer because of this bankruptcy industry analysts Natalie Biggs with wood mackenzie says Murray was one of the last remaining companies contributing to the union's pension fund you know without Murray energy a lot of the retired coal miners are gonna you know find themselves potential in a difficult situation when it comes to the pensions the.

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