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Needed to rockets. They played a net. Tomorrow. But look after that, they play hard Laker seventy Sixers. Knicks rap mass easy games. But a lot of a lot of stretches San's, they do have a decent. They got a couple of games in here. But they got plugging lake you're seventy Sixers raptors pales in the seventy Sixers about to go through. And this is really going black show us what the seventy Sixers are up super excited for this lose all of them. Guaranteed at least a couple of those wins. Right. Not guarantee. But they're definitely if we're on their on us twelve game skid game where like Joel Embiid goes off or Jimmy Butler goes off one of the one of them got to go got about Bill. Been simmons. Go off though when you go up, I'm like thirty the next had twenty two. That's going off in Ben Simmons term, LA more. I was thinking somebody going off at thirty six Joe the be going for like forty plus almost twenty twenty going off. Joe twenty twenty point game is going off a Ben Simmons. What's his fat because he's not a score? I guy if they go six a six I disappointed in this game series in his twelve game span near thing. They should they they need to win more than half these games to just show lease through at least eight and we were planned pretender. A contender. We mentioned their team. Of course, y'all say contender. This is where they show us completely for the people that don't they respect him boy named twenty points, twenty two thousand nine assists. So angry points, fifteen assists, ten rebounds of fifteen eight and ten he's doing the same. My was saying go off every night. So what the hell, you know? Why even mention his name 'cause you right? Jimmy, Boylan joy and help him. To Jimmy not just going off as different. Our? He plans y'all playing soft out there y'all Y'all heard heard. us talking about Luca Danni chick last fight. I was looking through the comments. They were talking about weed is credited him. Of course, they say that because we don't we don't get on easing and accent to Reno. Someone tweeted me the other day. It was like peer keeps saying that a little busy and clutch. Hey, it's our Beck. And I've got inist Kanter on Bleacher reports the full forty told one of the news that I want to become a citizen voice for five years. So after I said that I was getting so much major proposals. Social redid all Joe's like, hey, America. So if you get married so my three years, so check out the full forty eight now on the Bleacher report up four subscribe at apple podcasts. Not even without see it though. He is clutch for sure never what I said. Discussion was closed. Right. I never said anything about it goes. I don't know. I wanna get I wanna give the young man time to grow into whatever. He's going to be. I don't want. Nineteen. I would say he's a close team has a closer. But that don't make them closer. You know what I'm saying? Like every team has you see what I'm saying to understand what you're saying. But like the bulls, right right exactly being closer. But he he's not closer. Luca is their clothes, and he's a closer. He like he go on those periods late in the fourth quarter recall twelve in a row team. And again that before, but I haven't I'm just saying I would love to see him..

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