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Welcome to dictators a spotify original from podcast. I'm richard and i'm kate. You can find all episodes of dictators and all other spotify originals from podcast for free on spotify this season of dictators. We're exploring the reins of twentieth century. Cow dios full nco batista of cuba one of argentina and francisco franco of spain. Today we conclude our discussion on one perron last week. We explored peron's rise from ambitious infantry officer to champion of the working class and how after years of pulling the strings as the power behind the throne officially became president in nineteen forty-six. This week will look at peron's nine years as president including the rise of his wife vita we'll see how his interest in social welfare reforms waned as cult of personality grew and his regime became increasingly corrupt and repressive and we'll explore how peronism never left argentina. We'll have all that and more coming up when fifty one year old juan. Domingo peron was elected in february nineteen forty-six argentina's first legitimately elected leader in nearly two decades. And it was all thanks to peron's ability to shore up important alliances. In order to achieve his victory perron spent years methodically building his base of par as a member of the ruling military junta. Not only did he gain friends among the military elite but as secretary of labor and social welfare he was able to court the working class with his pro labor policies but not everyone loved one perron between his affinity for european nazis and fascists and his cultivation of course of personality. Iran's opponents across the political spectrum were horrified by his electoral win conservatives were disgusted that he enfranchised the country's uneducated poor and the communists and socialists. Were furious that he'd stolen their base with his populist pandering but the ideological division wasn't just among peron's enemies the diverse coalition that brought him to power was also fractured and he quickly realized if he wanted to get anything done you'd have to put an end to the infighting. His first order of business was to dissolve all the political parties that had supported him and to consolidate them into the single party of the argentine revolution which one year later would be renamed as the paramus party though perron insisted that the party shared one set of values in reality it was mostly united behind. Its support for him. Baron recognized that the rivalries among his uneasy coalition where exactly what he needed to retain power as long as any rising stars within the party were fighting amongst themselves. Erron could rest easy at the top. After his june nineteen forty-six inauguration perron hit the ground. Running he promised to five year plan of social justice economic independence and national reconciliation after years of political turmoil and with parents congressional majority. He could make almost anything happen but there was one small obstacle standing in his way the judicial branch. The courts were supposed to be apolitical. However in the previous decade the supreme court openly supported the military junta and approved the fraudulent elections that kept the junta in power knowing. This perron accused the supreme court of having broken. It's apolitical oath. His lackeys and the legislative branch quickly impeach the judges who weren't overtly paran. Est perrone now had carte blanche to do whatever he wanted. Baron took full advantage of his unchecked power. Within the first few years of his presidency. He achieved a number of labor and social welfare reforms. He continued his campaign for workers rights by raising wages expanding job protections and building schools and hospitals and in one thousand nine hundred forty seven. He gave women the right to vote dramatically expanding his voting base by doing so but his duties as president juggling international politics and stimulating. The struggling economy meant perron could no longer devote all of his energy to keeping his supporters. Happy he needed a representative on the ground. So the face of peronism became his twenty seven year old wife. Maria eva duarte known commonly as evita a former actress from a working-class evita quickly became a galvanizing figure for the parents. The moment perron took office. She began to represent herself as the patroness of the masses who had gotten him elected vita made it her mission to help the country's poor and overlooked founding the eva peron welfare foundation and virtually taking over the ministry of labor she used both institutions to improve education housing and social welfare for women and children. She traveled to regions of the country. Rarely visited by national politicians wherever she went evita spoke of her dedication to perron and his dedication to the argentine masses especially those from the lower social classes. She said they were her children and it was her duty to help her husband. Take care of them. Too many argentines evita's seemed like the reason peronism worked. She was the guiding light. Who kept the president on track. And as long as she continued to deny any interests in power for herself perron was more than happy to allow her political star to rise but evita was the only person perron let get anywhere close to his level of power. Any deputy who got to popular or seem to am vicious quickly fell out of favour even organized labor leaders who had worked with and backed perron for years found themselves smeared and.

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