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Is 75 degrees. It is warmer in Centerville. It's 79 degrees and it is 81 degrees in Frederick. Thank you. Briana, 9 41 Right now. The Washington National Cathedral remains closed because of covert 19. But that doesn't stop the bell ringing. Runners stopped. Friends gathered on the lawn and couples walk the grounds of the cathedral as they began the ringing of the bells. The cathedrals. 53 bell Kibby Carolina's the third heaviest in the world. The Smalls Bell weighs £17 with the heaviest weighing 12 tons, measuring more than 18 feet in diameter. This marks the first time the Bells rang since the bishop of the Episcopal Diocese. Washington, Marianne Edgar Buddy announced All D C area Episcopal churches would close their doors in March. At the beginning of the pandemic in the DC area. Andrea Camryn W GOP news across the south and west of the nation, We're seeing spikes in the Corona virus. It's already resulting in Texas and Florida. Pausing re openings. W T O peace. Mike Murillo talked with CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr Jon Lapook firm or on what might be fueling the increase. I don't think it's magic. You have to embrace science here when you're opening up areas of the country to quickly when people are wearing the face masks. Which definitely can decrease the spread from one person to another. You're going to see these spikes. It's not just a matter of increased testing because we're actually seeing the percentage of tests that air Testing positive going up dramatically in states like South Carolina, Florida, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Nevada. I'm on the Johns Hopkins website right now, and it's more than 10% from anywhere from 10% to 23% 23% in Arizona. You compare that with New York, where it's only 1% so you wouldn't expect the percentage of tests to be increasing. If it was just a matter of that you're testing more and the other argument that says that its realism that you're seeing an increase in hospitalizations and people going to the intensive care unit and we saw how Texas responded. Halting its reopening is that what we might see and other states? Is that what it's going to take? I think that is what it's gonna take. But you know, at the end of the day, what it's going to take has got to be a unified message. From his high Oppa's possible Everybody talking with one voice embracing science, and I'd like to hear more from the CDC. Personally, They have a ton of expertise in this. This is what they do for a living, and we haven't heard as much from them as we have in previous outbreaks, like with thicker or Ebola. There's thousands of pages of information on the CDC website, their absolute experts and what they do, but they need to get up there in front of us and explain to us tell us, I think, on a daily basis hears the message. Here is the message. Here is the message and as we wait for Accion or a proven treatment. At least, are we getting any luck on any of those fronts Rendez severe. It seems to be good for decreasing hospitalization from 15 days toe 10 days and very sick People Dexter Method Zone, which is a steroid decreased mortality again in very sick people. But the vaccine is still a ways off. Tony thought, she says. We're not going to see generally available. If everything goes right until the beginning of next year, you may see it used in some first responders as a trial, perhaps in the fall late fall. I'm hearing talk of that. But really right now, you know that. It's a typical American thing that we want away. We want to do the treatment rather than the prevention. And there's a way of preventing this, which is where the face mask to all the things that we're talking about doing, including the testing that's goingto identify the areas that are hot. Identify. The people who are infected, isolate them figure out who their contacts are. That's the technique that's working every epidemic since you know, for decades and decades and decades. We know how to do this, but in order to get our arms around, everybody's got to be on the same page and went into a store to get some glasses fixed. And there was a guy there wearing a face mask and was down under his nose. And I said, You know, I'd really prefer if you put it up your nose. He gave me a look. And I said, Look, I'm a doctor. I'm wearing this mask to try to protect you. I don't want to get infected and and then infect other people, and he begrudgingly put it up over his nose. It becomes a political issue. It becomes a matter of I'm not gonna let somebody tell me what to do when it should be. How can I help my neighbor's CBS News chief medical correspondent, Dr Jon Lapook Sports at 15 and 45 brought to you by your local Honda dealer. Don't settle for Less than a Honda, 9 45 Here's Jay Brooks from the challenge kept in Washington Spirit started their season with a to one victory over the Chicago Red Stars were the end of US sells monthlong tourney in Utah is being played without fans in attendance up next for the spirit. Washington takes on the reading champion North Carolina Courage this Wednesday night at 10 o'clock to the links Brendon Todd as a two shot lead it 18 under over Dustin Johnson is both will be in today's final pairing at 205 p. M. The Travelers Championship from Connecticut. Phil Mickelson, who lead after two rounds, is six shots back off the lead and tees off at 1 15 this afternoon at UFC Vegas four. Dustin Poirier one via decision over Dan Hooker in Saturday's UFC Fight night. In the lightweight event Saturday night. Kevin Harvick won the first of two NASCAR races this weekend in Long Pawn, Pennsylvania. The Pocono Organics, 3 25 today. Ryan Priest who finished in 20th place last night is on the pole for today's Pocono 3 50 A four o'clock, green flag and sad news from the NFL is Phil Kruger, the first general manager for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Passageway The age of 90. J. Brooks. W T O P Sports coming up a big salad recall to tell you about its 9 47 Hi. I'm Patrick Singles owner knew Lacombe time definition of normal is conforming to a standard well, standards for roofing companies have change. Customersneeds..

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