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Basically like aggregating all like five or six years worth because i'm not i'm not a chef but like i'm made recipes over the years that follow the fab four and constantly trying to like home my skills in that but everything's like quick and easy to make for the most part that's one thing that i'm that like deprive myself on is it shouldn't be this isn't a forty five minute castro that you're making right because most of us don't have time for that and we're just trying to get a forty five minute workout in or fifty five minute live class and then we're trying to like keep it clean so what's your favorite recipe on there what's what's favorite recipe that you can share a girl yet well i mean you guys know that i am so in love with my spouse movies so that's in there obviously but there's actually been some new recipes at it so i did a a zoodles shrimp scampi that's in there that's i'm like cool that's done enlist little out the other day yeah instagram it's done in like less than ten minutes shrimp is two minutes aside and like if you have a hand held ceuta which is six dollars from amazon i just rents as caney and like you just screw it through the little hand held thing there's not like a big machine you set up it's you know a very small little the best tool that you can throw in a drawer and yeah you just like add those to the pan give it a stir port on a plate protein fat fibre olive oil garlic pepper lay if someone does dairy a little bit of grass but better gay i'm so hungry.

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