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Share her success. Let come alone to see her backstage. Opening for hard at the Hollywood bowl Phenomenal. Be Their young men know I said I got this comedy special doing who knows if I'll ever get another one why don't you come out and do something together Missy said Okay we'll sing a song she said the song she picked the song because she knew that I knew it She said, well, that WANNA know you can sing Allen. which song was listen to it didn't recognize it in dreams in dreams, and so we did that and she's supposed to sing more of the song if you ever see against. She's pointing me the whole time GonNa you. Yeah you do this part. You did it. You're seeing the lead ban in the so emma she's supposed to do it but I you know. See Great, and then you can just tell harmony was was a very emotional. Yeah. Seeing a dad and daughter singing I. Felt while we were doing it and you can sing to you had some good range. It was great and it was fun I I the those my the chance of being a singers was behind me. I'm just happy to be doing stand up and having a comedy special out I. Hope You'll get a chance to see it hours it for you kind of being in show business for so many years and having your daughter come in is it making more protective helping her out leaving her alone Tsinghua any of my advice at all. I think she just wanted to set hurry says like enough of being a famous persons kid llamas do my own thing I got my i. got this figured out. And she's you know it's not easy in a she doesn't have it figured out. She's he's got to do her own pass and like none of us have it figured out but she's got her own ideas of what he wants to do and it's getting more clear. She goes and she's been doing for ten years mean she's been on artists successful. Decade massive hit XS and Os, and that's tough to. You know for for anybody. Then I had you know reduced bigalow made three hundred million dollars. It was like well I get the next one to make three, hundred, million I don't know. Thank. Catching lightning in a job twice. Stuff. But if anybody can do it, she can she's really talented in. So I wanted to come out we'll We'll do something she. So she wanted to and it was fun and then it's last time either of us ever performed because was strep twenty ninth she. Is Really early. Beautiful. She said, well, that's the last time performed at least by that now that's really cool. Yes that was good. I got a couple cookies and want to ask you before we wrap up. But before we do our friends at knits have an important message to share everyone knows what the risks of drunk driving you could get in a crash people get hurt or even killed. Let's take a minute. To look at some surprising statistics, almost twenty nine people in the United States. Die Every day and alcohol impaired vehicle crashes. That's one person, every fifty minutes and even though drunk driving fatalities have fallen by a third in the last three decades drunk driving crashes still claim more than ten thousand lives each year drunk driving can have a big impact on your wallet as well. You could get arrested in incur huge legal expenses. So. Many things that can happen you even possibly lose your job. So what can you do to prevent drunk driving? How about this planet safe ride home before you start drinking, designate a sober driver or call a taxi or ridesharing service it's so easy these days to avoid drunk driving, and if someone has been drinking, take their keys and arranged them to get a silver ride home, we all the consequences of driving drunk. But one thing's for sure you're wrong. If you think it's no big deal drive sober or get pulled over. April I need you so bad right now you have no idea. How do you know my name? ME. Last few questions for you did three seconds of researches I always do and use the DNA lounge and San Francisco. Yeah. Well, we played you've played there. Yeah..

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