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Is. Is this a scout from the last couple of years that they had faced the naval academy a good size and length above average athlete with like quickness balance uses size length in run support a solid. Wrap up tackler. Let's see allow separation on passing rounds lacks quickness laterally inside routes gets off balance when press coverage. The scout said had a chance to make the roster good size probably a safety. But that's the scouting report. We started to wonder about him. And is he more valuable to valuable to the naval academy. Because he's an informational warfare. That's what is specialty is here. Because if there's a rule in place that allows you to make an exception and exemption and he's still serves his military commitment. Then what are we missing here. He's he gave the commencement speech. He's the team captain. Let's see what are we have pete in virginia. Hi pete what's on your mind today. Quick did you. You're saying that right there this young man. I'm a tampa bay fan and that's him on our roster that leadership but this man is a product design success and is staying coming out of the naval academy president of the class. Captain of the football team gave the commencement speech. There's no way the navy is letting him go. Yeah that's just. Yeah thank you pete. That's what we're starting to think. Is that valuable where you go. Hey we got bigger issues here. We got life and death issues here not. Can you help you know tom brady. Get another super bowl ring. Mark in oklahoma. Hey mark adp how you guys doing good sir. Hey yeah this. this camera. Kinley situation got me scratching my head to you. Know it's really interesting. But i thought that i had after listening to is interviewing sharp guy. He sounds like you know. If i'm a fairly high profile football crew and i'm considering one of the service academies to To go play. You know where. I'm not going now is the naval academy. You know they may have shot themselves in the foot with this pr so yeah. I think it's a fair point. I think it's a fair point and we checked. The air force academy has three graduates now pending approval. Imagine your approval is coming from the secretary of defense and there's no appeal process when they say yes or they say no tommy in alabama. Hi tommy. what's on your mind today. Ed hey i have a actual Actually have a different take on this. I do not believe that it is because The navy believes that he is. You know So important for you know for everything because again that that would be basically saying that the three guys from air force in the one from the army and i know countless others track and field athletes basketball players. That have been given this i do..

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