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Yeah that was very and it was all he got out of the car and talk to them again an started and tried to go like I mean the meant his mental space. There is not on point. Cocaine is a drug. Yeah I don't know if he's drunk or some zone I'm but The hubris was impressive. Yeah someone doesn't hear no allot. I am impressed. The car started again. I mean you look at the front of this thing and it is ready to be salvaged and it started. I mean he drove away from one location down the street with like one of the rear wheels cockpit forty five degree angle and left the scene. We didn't look like it could do. It does say something for the reliability of the career in the mid engine the mid engine although yeah. He lost all of his coolant from the front radiator. You know what I mean. I wouldn't be able to do laps you wouldn't you wouldn't make it very far but he made it like six blocks. I mean this is just destroyed and he has written off that. I know of three supercars. He's that picture you've got there. That is a what I call another unforced error. He he fucking sailed this thing. We pulled this up back in two thousand thirteen. We pull up the Google maps link. He he was driving on a gold rush rally in a rented McLaren Twelve C spider and exited the road deep into the triple digits and hit like storage a self storage place. We pulled up the location on Google maps. The storage unit was like two hundred yards away from the highway. He fucking sailed that things so far off the road it was amazing and he also trashed a mercy. Lago Mercy L. Ago. Sv after he was denied entry into cars in coffee in L. A. M. Woodland Hills because he was driving like a Dick and then he left in a huff and decided to fuck and take out his agro in the car as he left in a half and crashed it so he's really good at driving. That's my point. Drug charged with drug driving says update. Yeah I mean. Cocaine is a hell of a drug. I'm not sure exactly what drugs he was on. But I'm betting coq one of them crashing your career. Gt and trying to drive it out is about. The cokie is thing I could think of confidence powder extremely what I have observed in Los Angeles. I people. That can't put their shoes on. Like I'm going to start a business and a band. Tonight's you aren't starting anything guys corona viruses fucking keeping people inside. I what we do. Let's do standing miles on Eleventh Avenue? Come on yeah just like the roads are empty. I you know. If he would've played four guys went out and just like street drifted and it was shot in and they did it. Well didn't hit anybody like we all be sharing that video because it'd be cool if it's being clever and stupid not defeat. Yeah Bummer Doodo Nice. I mean look affluential. That's one hundred percent. Affluential member that kid in Texas. Who Never had consequence in his life. This is where you end up. Well it's I can't remember who did it once. It was the math of lake like Lamborghini. You A billionaire. He's like a t shirt to me. I I did that actually in it and it's like no no really percentages are the scale which is an interesting thing to to see. It's like you know Lee today. I donated a t shirt that I'm never gonNA wear shop sure that someone gave me but it was cool because like. I'm never gonNA wear this. This is if you billionaire you giving that shirt to somebody would be the same as someone giving you like Lamborghini right. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I did that math once and I got very depressed about it. The economies of scale it was someone else to the other did a similar version of that scaled math which was How much is the difference in a million billion and it's like if you had a million seconds? It's like thirteen days. And if you had a billion seconds it's like twenty twenty years so you look at it. Yeah a million. What does that say? A million seconds. A billion seconds is about four months shy of thirty two. Yeah at a million seconds is like two weeks. A million seconds is eleven and a half days. Yeah wow that's a scale. Eleven half days thirty two year and Apropos of our our current financial situation. A trillion seconds is thirty one thousand seven hundred and ten years. Wow Yeah so anyway. If you have so much money where money no longer has any value. That's how you treat. Oh here's the video of this boom for people listening just go to instagram and look up Broadway auto ny all one word security camera footage of. Yeah it's it's gone straight across the road pointing straight loses it and starts drifting drifts right into a park many then luckily. I don't think anyone was in it. And I'm I'm amazed watching this. How look five carling jumps in the area? I mean this is a good lesson in just. Here's a question for hypothetical situation. Do you think that minivan could've done zero to thirty miles an hour faster under its own power or rear ended by bed San coked out in a in a an occur. There's no way it's getting out of the whole life that Bob a really really hope. Van but yeah. That's the fastest. That van has ever accelerator. I mean the force of a car hitting another car. I don't know we don't see it that often. If it's if it's in racecar great you know to Nascar's going two hundred kind of touch and slip. I mean then the crashes can get really bad but it's just more controlled environment. This is like hitting a parked car at ninety cars not slow. Yeah no those. The thoughts take up a lot of bicycling thoughts. Question Mark under license can't do it and see. What does he quietest daily driver for fifteen grand? Miguel Flora's asks used. Ls Four hundred correct. Oh Yeah what does the? Cd was low. Twenty nine on the twos. Yeah as low like. That's that's another piece of people don't think about. Also they don't think about their tires also really true. I mean huge huge spread allowed tires and quiet tires. It's both it's like compound and with all those things a ton Shout out to be wounded English translation on best motoring Thanks for making crazy. Good content crazy times. I thank you guys for your donations during these Weird Times..

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