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Meadow used to be known as Sharon meadow. We've been there many times over forty comedians are going to be there, including Scarborough and Rudy Ortiz who you've heard multiple times on this show today free comedy. It's PG thirteen everyone's going to try and keep it reasonable. But the young kids they won't like it. It's all day. It's like noon to five. So if you want to go, it's completely free go check it out. And then let's mention Scott other show at the devil's canyon, right? Sunday night. Kenyan Bruin in San Carlos. Right. So you can see Scott multiple times on Sunday. If you want to. Oh, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of next week Scott is at the punchline right to go see him at the punchline. That's good opportunity radio. L S report. What's up everyone? I want to start with the text if I could four zero eight says yesterday on the commute home. I heard my four year old singing, and he was singing the Jane song that Sarah sings when VIN plugs, Jane, O J. By. That's in. Jane? Mom goes on died laughing. L O janey song four year old boy. Yeah. James real good. Check her out this afternoon or check her out on Instagram. Sure. Hot looking style picks. Right. J A Y N picks. Does these these? What are they? Yeah. Well that, but what are the what is the little round circles on the top of Instagram? I the videos are. Stories right. Her stories are all like, she does twenty your day. There's a million answer like yes ton. Well, and she does these neat little artistic photos of star. Like in the stories. It's good. She's a good follow checker out. Jane? All right. Here's what's happening. Pope francis. Is summoning the presidents of every bishop's conference around the world. For a February summit to discuss preventing clergy sex abuse in protecting children. I thought we'd already handled this years ago. You'd think wants one scandal broke, they you know, have major clergy reform. But key cardinal advisors announced the decision earlier today as the latest chapter in the Catholic church is long running sex abuse and cover up scandal has thrown Francis's papacy into crisis. So you had mentioned this earlier. I thought it was worth hitting the headline again. So they are reacting to the scandal. This continues to be an issue people are broken all over the world from it..

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