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Say her name a re a gunboat hawalli she tweeted she hit the game winning shot yesterday for notre dame she tweeted her final five colleges that she was considering this isn't what like twenty two thousand fourteen on july thirteenth she tweeted louisville notre dame ohio state ucla in wisconsin fourteen minutes later she no arm rem tweeted stay tuned for my list of the five players i saw in the past seven days that i have zero interest in recruiting what a joke well looks like she got the last laugh chino you are jackass he is jack add all right chris guys i'm going to give the ridiculous to anybody who had a hot take as loyola was wheeling out sister jeanne before the end of the game in the tunnel has a hot take served up fresh daily you can just go on your ridiculous way sermon i didn't say a word about her being wheeled out early i mean i know sunday was easter you'd think she'd be a little bit busy to be watching a half basketball but i didn't have a hot take about sister jean ridiculous there were media people she's the bigger deals who's new proof sidebyside pictures from friday when it was supposedly her press conference which you couldn't get in the door it was so packed and then a players press conference where there were three reporters now that turned out not to be accurate but that was the biggest deal those players got plenty of love throughout the tournament it was the only opportunity to talk to sister gene so backed off i'll take i didn't say anything about her that he did you not tweed something at the end of the game.

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