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Of syrian artistic forms or egyptian ones. Or you know greek ones. And that's to me. I think one of the really interesting parts of this connectivity. Yeah i think an important thing to remember especially with regards to royal or elite. Political projections is not. If symbols of being incorporated that are not necessarily central to cultures Perhaps have influenced from other cultures. Were greek rejection. If you are incorporating them into your own personal monument you have taken control of that symbol so it might even be deceived as a political power. Move to say well. Here is a roman column. But it's in my scenery monument. They have taken control of this symbol. I understand it's not projected so it could be used as taking ownership of it and and using it ineffective way so it's not just saying i'm sticking a column warm sticking a griffin to the ottoman even it saying i understand it understand what it's doing it's making me look more powerful because i was control of the essentially foreign symbol. That's a really interesting point. I think it brings us back to the topic of emulation and reproduction. In the hellenistic period of the roman period if rulers king chose to make their monuments with aspects of different cultures within that sphere of interaction that they were doing it. Because necessarily somebody else did it. Although of course influences important like but it's a to a street and it also is not the entire reason anybody does anything and do we sort of talked about. There's a lot of complex reasons and complex audiences that everything needed to consider. And i think we might forget as people living in the modern period the cost of things because we have so much like we are in a period of abundance. That has literally never occurred in the history of the world. So it's important to consider. It would be out of many people's realm of possibility to buy a small bronze figuring full. Stop if somebody chose to have something made or just bought something ready made and then dedicated in whatever context..

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