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But a lot of the a lot of the ones are not so hot and so that raises a lot of concern but while this argument was still going on Pixar was still making movies for Disney and the incredible 's and cars had come out and that meant that they were beyond the five picture. Deal this point that they something had to change. Cars came out in two thousand six six and at that point Disney and Pixar were able to settle their differences. And that's win. Disney made the announcement Smith that it would acquire pixar four and this is an amount that was astonishing. When you think about how close pixar was to going out of business just a few years earlier for seven point? Four billion dollars. Wow so yeah. Here's a computer animation studio. That was losing so much money that that a millionaire had poured fifty million dollars of his own money in it just to keep it afloat. Now acquired for seven point four billion dollars jobs would end up joining the board over at Disney Zinni and was an even richer billionaire. Yeah and you know you might be thinking. I thought Disney made some computer animated movies by themselves themselves and they did but that's later on and it wasn't circle seven. That was a division that they formed to do that and ultimately circle seven. Didn't do that in a gut A kind of folded into other departments so it was just one of those things where a company makes a division specifically to do something and then it just never works out all right so we want to end this episode. Some fun facts. Yep so here's some of the weird stuff about toy story. The original version of woody was not a pull string cowboy. No he was ventriloquist's dummy which is creepy. Yeah that's what Michael Eisner said. He said no one thinks ventriloquist's dummies or anything other than creepy. I don't want to have a creepy character. As the the protagonist change it. I'm sure at one point. They weren't but now they are mainly creepy. It's Kinda hard like most of the VENTRILOQUIST's dummy movies I've seen and cast it in the form of like possessed dummy Ala chucky but that's all I've watched Jeff Dunham at not gotten scared. so that's and he scares the heck out of anyhow next fun fact okay. Well Buzz Light. Year was not originally buzz. Light year his original name was tempest named after the Classic Arcade Game He also originally was aware that he was a toy. I'm glad they changed. That will apparently the reason why they changed. It was that when Tim Allen came in to read for the character he was is playing him with such bravado and such like completely earnestness earnest and not not knowing he was a toy like treating it like he is a a space ranger that the these the the writers were all saying no way. This is way better than that's when they made the choice to veer away from Basel at your knowing that he was a toy and the last one fact is that Choisir was kind of it kind of had snow eight syndrome so they thought it would take eight animators maters and needed thirty-three Yup and they thought it would take fifty three processors and it took three hundred. Yeah so yeah. This is funny because when we bitter episode about Disney Going into Snow White. It was very much the same thing right like Disney drastically underestimated. How many animators? How much time it? Yeah I think they underestimated the time to make toy story as well as it turned out the reason why they had to go with those three hundred processors was because rendering each of those does Frames just took so much time when you think about like a frame is one twenty four th of a second so a full movie a feature length movie he has thousands and thousands and thousands of frames and when it takes hours to render a single frame you then extrapolate that you realize we will never finish making this movie so obviously things have improved since then but then also as technology improves. Pixar tries to push the envelope of how much it can they do with entomology. So it's it's constantly a seesaw. YEA The they'll animators will come up with a new way to test. The technology due to its limits. New Technology will come out and rinse and repeat. Yeah well this was a really fun topic. Thank you Nathan for requesting it and kind of hitting being a love of both Jonathan Mine. Yeah we loved going back and looking at the story and again like it's really interesting to see how much of it was routed. Not Just Austin animation but in hardware. Yeah yeah which I always appreciate an aerial eyes glaze over. No I do appreciate it. Look like technology this is just not the place for it. Okay Okay Fair enough all right well. What is the place? If people have suggestions to send us for future companies. We should focus on. Well that place would be our email in our email. L. is feedback at the brink. podcast dot show an aerial reads every single one of those. Yes please please write in at L. of hearing from you guys. It makes my week. She's so lonely and If you want to visit our website that's the brink. PODCAST DOT show. We have an archive of all of our past episodes. If you've ever missed one you can go check that out. You can search to see if perhaps the company thinking of has been covered already and.

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