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And and you're writing so you've been publicly shamed i was feeling a little depressed it was and i'll take him ketamine day and you know the new treatment for anxiety i mean that is a treatment for that's a whole tranquil okay people terrible people take it recreationally they love it that's i was no lie white of weights of success but now you know i've listened to every episode of the adam buxton podcast now i feel said responsibility to do well and i think it's nice to be able to have lots of different kinds of conversations with different people and and i'm very excited that you're coming back always love your you know i love anything you do always keep up with it's like genuinely one of those having favorite band releasing you i'll be like here we go i'm glad i'm glad that you about weekly didn't like those months when you were iraq we just had i just had to listen to the spoon interview wait did you to the skiing one you know what this game it to me like on the persists on holiday like the movie when they there was a few people who felt like yeah so actually that's probably the only percussion not listen to yeah only one but you but you listen to it and didn't like or you didn't listen to it i listen i ten minutes and i thought this really could this isn't bought i want.

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