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The good to have you on the show my brother i will say this about the new england patriots even though quarterbacks to come in and play well we saw what happened with two cobra said an endemic rapport they got interests i don't think they will last june and i think sean mcveigh's the difference maker route with how good at offense here's where there's tiger really not but he needs to be in there to get it done do you think they're in experience we'll we'll call them to to sputter just a little bit to the point where they may get behind when it comes down to scorn touchdowns and have to find themselves in some way to be able to get it done as young football team well i can say goodbye when our first played lockforward say okay you know as as a rookie uh it was no the game to me i mean i think football the football you know you know you want it is one and if you move to get you know when you get into the playoffs you don't think about you think about your i'm in a playoff game but the game is going on you don't you don't think about our on clay you see my plan for buckets proceeds at source haggling forced throws then we just playing football and how over the outcome use that's how the outcome falls i don't bake did i know we have a young toothy we have a young football team but this is a football team no sometimes young team don't realize you know hey they're just young i'm not worried about it claims i'm not booed about the play off if anything make them we look when you look at the rams if and watched him play and talk to the players and they say is i just want to play ball duffy we don't care if his clay off the regular season games so um i picked them play well this week hopefully you know been at home is that it's always a plus you know we've done bet on the road and we've got an on this year but you know the playoff game but like i said i don't expect anything different landed us in all eu law eric dickerson is our guest on the nfl on teen in you spend a lot of time around the team ya the front office roll how long did it take you this year.

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