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A massive selloff on Wall Street today. Spurt by investor concern about not getting a clear message about U S, China trade the Dow dropping eight hundred points. Yes. And P five hundred and the Dow both fell over three percent. The NASDAQ was down three point eight percent one day after investors felt enthusiastic about an announced. Pause in the trade war with China reality set in boosted by tweet from President Trump about being tariff, man, a reminder that a pause doesn't mean a negotiated deal to end the trade war is inevitable. Still the president's economic adviser. Larry cudlow said he was surprised by the wave of recessionary pessimism. You'll see a recession on the economy is doing well recession on the horizon. I do not but many analysts recently, downgraded their forecasts. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. After a briefing from the CIA director's Senator Lindsey Graham says he's convinced that the Saudi Crown prince was behind them or journalist Jamal Khashoggi NBS, the crown prince. Is a wrecking ball. Complicit in the murder mystery kashogi to the highest level possible. The attorneys general in the district of Columbia and Maryland a readying subpoenas in a lawsuit accusing President Trump of profiting illegally from his office. Correspondent Laura Jarrett, the Trump organization and Trump's legal team has been fighting off this suit along with a slew of others for months, but a federal judge in Maryland has decided that the case can go forward, and that the plaintiffs here those stages can actually get discovery meeting documents depositions, and so they're now reading these subpoenas everyone from the IRS to the treasury department trying to get their hands on this information within the next six months, President Trump and the first lady are at this hour visiting with the Bush family at Blair House says they mourn the death of former president, George H W Bush. A public funeral is tomorrow at the National Cathedral. I'm Mike moss. Have you watched the value of your house continue to go up? Maybe it's time to put that equity to work while rates are still fairly low Americans have over five point five trillion.

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