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It's that's all there was all here. And it could have been you know, what I was hanging around UCLA and and. And then eventually went there for a year, and it was available. But you know, like, I said I couldn't afford to mess up. You know, I owed people you were the guy that went to dinner and about nine thirty. So I gotta go home. No on a train in the morning. No, I wasn't. I was quite like that. But, but, but I, you know, like, I said always had that switch, you know, that that knew that that when it was time to leave, and I was pretty good pretty good. It's staying away from the trouble. I was pretty good at the first moment where you said something come came out here that you hadn't seen before. Or your coach end seem before your family hadn't seen like ferocity that energy that sort of like just that that Jimmy Connors that everybody came to know that you never knew him was going to happen. It's unpredictable. When was the first time that's something came out. We were like you surprise yourself. How like you lost your shit? You lost control. You scream. You did something and you then you were okay with it. I want how did that evolve. Was that just a slow evolution of? The PI wasn't amid just didn't all of a sudden happen. I mean, you know, my at my soi wasn't gonna use this were rage. Hey, let's get going to use that my rage came from an early age. I I had I had a lot of it. And tennis was very good for me because of to to get rid of that. Right. And and and then, you know, as as I as I use that I could push myself further and push myself harder because of that. But then it also caused me trouble as I got older, you know, on the court, and and you know, some of the situations I got in because of that rage. But on the on the other hand without that. I don't know if I would have been viewed of as far I I don't think I would fidget ever get mad at yourself. Oh, getting at losing yourself. Oh, yeah. Like, did you ever just like you ever have a good cry? Jimmy Connors, ever have a cry. By now, there's no crying in sports for me. That's Tom Hanks said that but I didn't take that from him. I there's no crying in baseball, Jimmy or tennis. No. I didn't I told you before I crossed the line it..

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