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Tune up by calling eight hundred nine four eight Mike say rather can weather on the aids and when they break back your region you we go with better news from the Harry Byrd highway and had in Loudon county that's Virginia route seven as you make your way past the scene of yesterday's gas main break near Potomac view road that all has been cleaned up and we just got the high sign from Virginia to the thirties rude seven has been re opened between cascades parkway and sterling Boulevard all lanes have been re opened after the gas main break and the repair so you now have all your traveling is available coming from a lease for trying to get toward the capitol beltway sixty six between a market and the Roslyn tunnel doing fine no delays there and on ninety five and three ninety five it's been a very quiet nights our one overnight work so long since cleared everything else is been moving along swimmingly both directions as far south as Fredericksburg in Maryland we got crash activity southbound to ten after berry road this gonna be near pine lane crash antibody at last report all southbound traffic was stop we did have a blockages well north bound on the left side for fire apparatus responding to this crash to ten south bend your pine lane after very road and unclear what has been re opened so expect some stoppages there expect some delays as well on the I ninety five and on the B. W. parkway still without any reports of delays are incidents the travel lanes fifty three billion Napoli and Annapolis it has been very quiet across the bay bridge two ladies down two lanes was bound to and from the shore Mr travel remarkably quiet on the freeway this morning DC two ninety five and nineteen ninety five also without delay indeed knows your company's roadmap to success starts with hiring first read employees visit indeed dot com slash higher today and try tailored solutions to help discover the best people for your business Ian Crawford WTOP traffic I chili strong and we will continue to see temperatures rise to the mid upper thirty cents below normal for this time of year but we've got plenty of sunshine as we continue through your Saturday with much later.

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