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6 80 wcbm and wcbm dot com. Good evening. I'm Michael Philip Elliott, 6 80 Wcbm Maryland News Center with headlines Making news this hour. Local health officers asking state leaders to reconsider recent reopening due to concerns about a spike in Corona virus cases. Health later from Baltimore City and Arrundell Baltimore, Howard Montgomery and Prince George's counties have written a letter to the deputy health secretary, asking the state to consider revisions to gathering sizes face covering mandates, mall re openings and travel restrictions to cope in 19 hot spots. Baltimore public school system announced that will delay the start of in person classes for students. This ball, the CEO of Baltimore City Public schools, also asked the school board to delay the start of the school year to September 8th to allow staff more training time. And around the county public school said yesterday that students will be taking virtual classes for the first semester. School officials will be reviewing the plan for holding online classes during a public meeting tomorrow. They're also acquiring more computers for students and teachers to facilitate remote learning. A Maryland defense contractor has agreed to pay nearly $1 million in a settlement over claims that it overbuild, the National Security Agency for contract work. The government claimed Ivan next Information Systems Inc. Knowingly build the NSA for work by employees who didn't timely obtain a certification required by the contract. In downtown Baltimore, 87 degrees on Michael Filippelli, 6 80 Wcbm News. I'm Liz Clayman. And this is the Fox business report a mixed day on Wall Street as investors look to Washington for negotiations on the next Corona virus Relief built the Dow closing up 160 points. The NASDAQ losing 87 the S and P 500 picking up five. The FAA planning to release a proposed airworthiness directive for the Boeing 7 37 Max in the near future to address changes made to the Idol aircraft. The Jets grounded worldwide in March 2019 after a pair of crashes killed nearly 350 people. An official telling Reuters thie F A A is unlikely to clear the 7 37 max for takeoff before October $40 million a day. That's how much United Airlines holding says it burned through in the second quarter. But the airline estimating it will spend 25 day in the third quarter. US air carrier scrambling to adjust operations as a surge of Corona virus cases make it hard to predict demand that's here. Fox Business Report. I'm Steve Rapoport invested in you guys. You've heard me ask two questions for years. As little blue pill let you down. And are you having trouble in the bedroom? Well for the month of July, let us at my men's clinic.

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