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A so-called anti vaccine activists now. I don't know what that exactly that means. They're like you know people that are on the pro vaccine. Everybody needs to get it. Side of things seem to consider you to be anti vaccine. If you're pro choice right and that's the problem with the whole situation. Is i am not antibac- seen i think people forget the nuance of the argument. They just do in this whole dichotomy thinking or you're either with us or against us it's black and white thinking it's harmful thinking and there's not any nuance in that discussion. I am not backs. And i'm not anti vaccine. I'm just anti any vaccine mandate. I don't think anyone has the right to tell me or you what you can put in your body. Yeah i totally agree with you there. And so i you know again. I know there are people who are anti vaccine right. There are people who just believed that all vaccines are bad and it cause autism and there's all kinds of theories. Yeah i don't think personally. I don't think Vaccines cause autism. I don't think there's enough evidence evidence to support that claim. I've never looked into it in any deep manner. Have you know. I did a little bit of research from my college article databases but couldn't find anything significantly convincing that vaccines caused autism. So i've err on the side of. I don't think they deal well. It is one of those things where correlation isn't necessarily causation. And but that said there are some people that are very firmly against vaccine. So maybe these maybe there are only targeting anti vaccine people. But i don't think so. I if they're banning ron paul's channel and who knows maybe they're going to undo it in apologized because sometimes they do that right like ron paul actually tagged them in there. And i did just search. For ron paul institute and i did find a channel but only had like three videos on it. But i've never seen the ron paul institute channel prior to that so maybe it only had three videos prior to that so every now and then you can sort of embarrassed youtube into undoing. Something that they've done but that doesn't mean they're not going to be targeting people out there and we have seen them targeting people in and giving away you know these strikes and such and our channels been given strikes anyway back to the story here from Msn dot com. It's part of a set of new policies aimed at cutting down on so-called anti vaccine content on the google own site. You too will ban any videos claim that commonly used vaccines approved by health authorities are ineffective or dangerous so who are these health authorities. The government gang. Well here's the problem. I have with the government gang. Being health authority is how do i know. They have the ability to know what my health is. They don't well. That's the point i'm trying to make is they don't know what my health is. They advise me on what to do. If there's a pandemic but ultimately at the end of the day it's going to be my choice. I have to weigh the risks and decide. Do i want to wear a mask. Do i want to get back naked. And chances are right now. The covert nineteen. Virus isn't as frightening as i'm being told it is. I'm not interacting with people all the time in my life either. Because i tend to like being alone a little bit. I work from home. And i don't interact with a lot of people. So i mitigate my risks that way but at the same time. I still have the right to decide whether i want to wear mask or not. And i'm going to indeed. Youtube apparently is specifically targeting. Now anyone who is anti any vaccine so they say here that they previously blocked videos. That made you gonna claims that. Might you know the virus vaccines might be ineffective or dangerous. But now they're targeting. Any you know measles chickenpox anybody that skeptical about vaccines across the board are now being targeted. They Go on to say that. The change marks shift for the social media giant which streams more than a billion hours worth of content every day like it's peers facebook and twitter. The company's long resisted policing content too heavily arguing. Maintaining open platform is critical to free speech. Well obviously that is out the window at this point but as companies increasingly come under fire from regulators lawmakers and regular users contributing to social ills including vaccine skepticism. Youtube is again changing policies that it has held onto for months. So why should you to be deciding. What's good for society how 'bout society chooses. What's good for itself. Well and the only way you can do that riley is by having information and and having different for me. I didn't run of you having one side and then another and then maybe a third side or a foreside intense intensified having as many different opinions than you make up your own mind decide. Well i believe this because it makes more sense to me. Yeah and if there's one arbiter in this case youtube and whatever their arbitrary decisions are of what should be considered by people then. That's a very scary perspective. It's a very scary thing to To be doing and they're just getting started because if they can do this for vaccines then what are some of the other things that are something that the government wants you to know or believe that seems like youtube and these other companies are gonna back up almost anything now that the government says this is the truth so i do want to say that if you are in favor of this move don't be because one day they will come for you and it would absolutely never give your political friends the power you want your political enemies to have or abuse and the really disturbed one of the disturbing about this. Is that now. These mega big tech corporations are deciding that only the government perspective is the truth right and change their story every time the political winds change so this is a bad idea yeah and that everything else is quote unquote misinformation. Yeah and that's very scary especially given the history of governments which is to say that they lie constantly all the time about every single thing that they ever talk about whether it be afghanistan or medical safety or whatever it is if their lips of the joke right about politicians. How do you know they're lying lips. They're mother lips are moving and yet so many people believe this stuff. I know and the really entertaining part as as of course looking at what people on the left said a year ago when trump was still in office can't trust trump can't trust the government it's bad bad bad. They couldn't not specifically what they obviously they said. They can't trust trump right. They also said they wouldn't take and did not trust the trump vaccine so these very same leftists who are now promoting and lining up for the vaccine rolling up their sleeve for a third shot eventually the fourth shot and so on and pimping it out on various different social media and being interviewed on television. All proud about oh yeah. These are the very same people who exactly a year ago. Roughly a year ago were saying they would never take a trump endorsed vaccine. Well guess what exact same vaccine trump started the vaccine program and here they are now that biden's empower their singing. The praises of the vaccine to get the vaccine. Well you know those questions about the long term effects of the vaccines. We're not being fairly represented in the media. We're not being failure represented align. Our voices are squelched. We're tired of it. You can join us here with your thoughts. The number six three two eight three sixty one sixty that six. Oh three two eight. Three six one six zero. So what do you do.

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