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Safety is now renewing its call to get ford to recall more than a million of those vehicles jason levine is the executive director of the consumer advocate group investigation has not been completed and ford has not conducted a recall of these vehicles despite literally thousands of people continuing to complain that they're smelling exhaust inside their ford explorer ford says explorers are safe owner complaints have decreased and the free service has addressed the exhaust odors police in wisconsin can legally draw blood now from unconscious drunken drivers without a warrant that's according to a five two ruling by the wisconsin supreme court the justices rule that drivers automatically consents to having blood drawn when they drive on wisconsin roads and if they drink themselves into unconsciousness the court says they forfeit any opportunity to withdraw that consent women who spend long hours the office haven't increased health risk the results of a new study and cbs's larry miller says this is just another reason to get a good work life balance women who work forty five hours a week or longer have a significantly higher risk of type two diabetes than those who limit work to between thirty five and forty hours the canadian study suggests more work means more stress and unhealthy eating habits the hours logged include housework and childcare conversely the frequency of type two diabetes actually decreases among men who work longer treatment for type two diabetes includes monitoring blood sugar levels and using medications doctors also recommend losing weight through diet and exercise wbz news time three fifty.

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