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In giles of a more stories like that be sure to catch the next is next edition of our dedicated design show sanction d which airs at 1990s london time today thus in just over eleven hours from now at fifty three minutes past the hour we finish today's globalist aim kuala lumpur malaysia where the ninth world urban forum is currently in full swing the bienniel u n sponsored event gathers together policymakers and practitioners in the field of sustainable urban development to hash out the ideas that will shape these cities of the future will at zulkifli is the associate bureau chief at monaco's associate bureau chief in singapore and has she's just returned from the former joins me on the line now zaina welcome at what are the big ideas that you've been hearing about wow right that's up with that to my knowledge eu at her office uh so you know she gave me a little bit about uh she gave me a little bit of a better idea off her vision in the office and she's just been in the office since january twenty two i'm very very early days and do have four yet ten year old but uh she's hoping come management style from the time it off its knack will carry had through his office on her leadership cell is there too that makes she got office and sitting have reports every two hours just over this um well of and forum this week and she's very proud of her teams recordbreaking eight international organisation for send a delegation simplification which is kind of exemplary leadership the rest of the world meet they think if the next twenty as it's going to be about putting in their own system implement the new uh but uh agenda ten you give us a a sense i suppose of the big picture that this event is trying to to jewels of.

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