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Tires. Work Fantastic's thanks to the folks at maxis Alpine stars. And of course I fly race and for making this happen. We are trying something new with this. PODCAST it's the off season. You're going to turn the tables a little bit here and I'm going to be the subject of the podcast which is weird but we'll we'll make it work somehow With me to to get some questions answered and maybe to help you the people in a little bit more about me. Although I think I've talked about everything possibly possibly talk about He works to fly. WPA It's Chris Cooksey what's up because he what up. Yes yeah so. I figured I'd come in here and what's your what's going on here. What's your agenda? What are we doing if you let me talk? Oh go ahead. I'm the host here so just chill. Let me answer questions so oh I listen to the show all the time big time fan just like a lot of the guys I drive around all the WPA straps. We all listened to show you hear all these jokes. There's these pieces there's he's titles titles. There's this mechanic but there's not like a set timeline on on who Steve Mathis is. There's pieces all over and we can kind of put it together but not really and it's grown grown in your audience has grown so much I figure I come in here and I and and see if I can take the king of all moto media and you have grown you might not be the most powerful man in in the industry. But you're definitely the most influential I don't know about that but no absolutely I as I see it I I work in the industry I go around and I know everybody listens this your stuff and whether you know just because you're not signing checks or working at Feld or very high like that trust those people cement shoes on me tomorrow do a lot of people when coops talks. I get nervous so I hear what you did now. I was telling you when you ran this idea behind me brought about by me. I said Hey I did one of these but it was a long time ago and it was pretty. It was real good at covered a lot of your stuff but it's been a while and the six years old. Yeah and I have different questions and I hope you're not pissed at some of the stuff I want to ask but I wanNA know more. Don't want to talk about your brother and your dad and how does what well first off. What about Debbie? She's in their APPs by the way. I Love Debbie. I sat with her at the supercross and like I had to pay for. That ticket was awesome. She's she's wondering and actually want to go golfing with her but she don't ever ever hit me up to police officers I hate it. I will okay so as so this is this is the Steve Matters interview on the map to show on racer x saw if he would let Taco. I'm just kidding all right so yeah people wanNA know so yeah. Hopefully they like this and you know we'll see where we're going but let's try. What have we got a start okay? I'm going to start with youth. So what what. What was your first bike? How did you get in what made what made Steve Mathis? I WANNA ready dirt bike. I didn't I didn't want to ride their bike. At first my brother did my brothers three years older than I am and he. My Dad raced. Sorry my dad wrote a off road bike or something and he wrote a street bike and my brother grew up wanting a dirt bike. Really bad and at some one point my brother got a dirt bike and they were out riding. I don't think they were racing yet. I don't think he was racing before me. But maybe maybe he was but and then it came time for me year we talking. Oh what do you remember. What his bike was I remember? His bike was my first bike. Yeah well my about. My first bike was his hand me down. So it'd been an Indian trail bike Indian automatic. I think they're automatic. I think there were like three three speed so Indian and those that came from my brother that was my very first bike and I quickly moved onto an rn fifty from there. This is the early eighties. There's this is eighty one eighty two. I had one of the three my second right but I I remember I wanted to be an ex. I want to be fields so IBM xt. I rode for a little while for a little bit. I remember I don't think I really liked it. I specifically remember getting on that Indian one of the first times going wide open open with into a tree. That's like a family or people will be like I remember that so I if I remember correctly when when you hit the shift around those you shifted down to go up so we hit a doc mail faster right right. Maybe I don't remember but I hit a tree cried. Didn't want to ride their bikes and barely road for maybe a year or two race. BMX my mom took me maxing they were held in these little hockey arenas on cement with wooden jumps and we had some dirt tracks to and stuff and all that and that's why BMX for awhile and then at some point my brother and my dad were off over here racing and then at some point I decided I wanted to buy Grad so in Canada. How many months out of the year did you actually get to ride? And so they're off racing and I think it would be Mexican. Yes it for summer. anyways we the indoor stuff that had to be in the winter and then so they're right. They're riding their bikes during the summer. Then what were you doing the summer. Yeah I don't know maybe I was maybe it was. I feel like the Mexican summer now. I don't know I don't know who knows but I I remember like not really getting the bug to ride dirt bikes as much as my brother. My brother was always like hey I want to do it. I you know my dad was taking them places and I was like on the dirt bike so it wasn't all in. I like it be a Mexican but then at some point you know obviously yeah so at what point do you become a dirt bike rider. What age this is all around? Seven eight nine years old remember. Do you remember your first race No not really. No no no idea what's first race. You remember a good question probably so yes. E- I think I went from eighty to arm fifty to eighty two arm aurum eighty and that's that photo on that desk there. You can see behind those hats. That's me on eighty to eighty and I think that's eighty three. So I'm I'm nine years old eight or nine years old and that photo and and that's so that's That's one of my first race. So that's that bike not about my first race quote unquote. What's the first memory that you ask? I racing is that eighty two arm eighty Eighty class candidates called schoolboy. Just just go with yeah so schoolboy schoolboy A. N. B. So I was schoolboy beat beginner you know and then a was the answer and my brother wasn't a so your brother's Kinda the star. Now is your dad. Ah How how does your dad he all into it. Like your your brothers star. You're just happened to be there. How Yeah Dad was gnarly? We'll probably get more as as we go along this story. We'll talk more about my dad. But he was gnarly at this point though like arm eighty days and my brother days not really just as a family going on our three rail trailer it to the racist I definitely remember. I definitely remember that was eighty three. I got an eighty four wisey eighty I think in eighty five so the eighty four. That had the water cooler handlebars out. When I was on the one side I went to the sign? Maybe maybe and I remember I had Garni Rene Nylon boots. He's Big Boot Nylon. Yeah so add pair Garner's and they were so hammered on the inside by kickstarter and I remember being stuck in the mud race on the side of a hill and I couldn't start my bike and my foot would slip off and the kickstarter would hit my foot and I was crying and my dad was thirty feet away and he's like start the bike like I'm not coming to get you and I remember being like Oh my God is hurt so bad my foot her so bad add between the like one or two races on the arm eighty and that eighty four race. That's that's my earliest memories of racing. So Ah had it been up to you right then you probably would have just bailed out. BMX your brother. If your brother wasn't dragging you and keeping you the races that no no I think I was into it. I was into it. Yeah I I mean he was he was good. My brother was pretty good. He got he was three years older than I am. So I'm ten. He's thirteen fourteen. I'm a ten or eleven and he's running top. I five in like the eighty expert class top three or whatever like he's pretty good so I think all brothers you're like Oh look at him. So at what point do you start becoming coming pretty good take it serious. Eighty eighty seven. I get a CR eighty in eighty seven so I was current now for the first time I think in my life those were good too. Yeah those were good and those two yeah eighty seven Sierra and then I remember the whole starting line was full of Honda's yeah like all Honda and if you had anything else back then you were at disadvantage cowboys. Were okay to Yamaha's garbage yamahas garbage. So it was all hondas eighty-seven I started being like. Hey and I got all New Year that year. Now's fucking looking like David Bailey. And I was like I'm I'm sweet. Sweet my bike sweet. Now I started now. I I remember thinking like Hey. I'm GonNa go for the championship in the class that year and I got third or fourth in eighty seven as a twelve year-old against probably your older kids. Wow Yeah but there was one kid who was my age. You beat me so he would end up being my like my rival guy but but yeah I remember thinking like an eighty seven I was like hey like reading the motorcars actually magazines and being like i WanNa do this. Now he was intermediate he was be rider rider. I think by then so. He was kind of progressing a little bit. He won he won the novice. Everybody has to go through novice and Canada like no matter. How good you are you have to go eighty two novice to intermediate to pro? You can't skip it. Which is funny? 'cause I tell people like four championships in Manitoba all the time two of them are novice class. What does matter you just? Everyone had to go there. Eighty expert and United States eighty expert to one twenty five hundred minute. You all the way back to. Yeah you just you just never jumped. Nobody could jump. The Intermediate Canadians gave you gave you at least a couple years on the big bikes until you go pro because you could go eighty expert one year of novice one year of intermediate pro. You know what I mean. That's actually probably really so you had two years of corn immature stuff to do but he was. My brother had won the novice class in Sioux fifty to fifty class novice so he'd gotten a title and the Navy Sixty moved up to intermediate ninety seven. He he was intermediate still I think. Eighty seven years so I was eighty expert in eighty seven. Okay going for. Did you win daily expert class. No everyone that one no no eighty-eight which Takao he's got a Kawasaki Support Ride from Canada. which meant that? The dealership got the ability to give one one rider. Half off a bike from Kawasaki. I think it was so they pick me so in eighty eight. I had to eighties practice race bike back and then and then I went after the expert championship. And that's the one I lost by two points. Heartbreaking heartbreaking fifth title Co so now in in the United States when we when you've got a team green you had to go to a certain amount of amateur nationals. Were you required to do that. No no we we have the one. We have the Canadian Lorette back then. The Canadian at Eighty Loretta Lynn's was one one rice a year. That was over weekend and it was at different tracks all every year. So in eighty seven it was in Manitoba. Oh my home province and I got like eleventh and my Buddy Jason Actually won the expert the eighty class at your so. I didn't know him but in eighty seven he won the expert class. I got eleven or twelve and then ten years later we'd be in a box together driving driving the whole circuit. You know what I mean like that. That's pretty funny. That's really eight. They they were in BC on the west coast on the island and Got Danielle van was remembered him. Daniel Daniel Daniels Danny Alvin showed up at like seventeen cowboys line and worked all the Canadians like he just worked them. And it's funny again. I met Danielle van when I became a pro mechanic and became friends with them. And I just talk to Danny Elvin a year ago so still you know anyways good guy so he shows up and he wins. It was a three motive format like Loretta and I went. Seven seven seven seven for several. which which kind of I should at least got fifth overall with seventy seven seven off right but anyway so so then? That was the Canadian so is number seven in Canada on eighties. The next year.

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