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While makers in nebraska leaning on older residents now to help fund the state's economic recovery last week governor mark. Gordon signed l. Sixty four into law which begins the process of phasing out state taxes on social security benefits town stupid deck with aarp. Nebraska says the move will help nebraska's live their retirement years independently and with dignity. And he says every dollar going back into nebraska's pockets will be spent locally on necessities and that's going to be a huge economic impact especially at a time in which we're coming back from calvin and it's important that we're supporting our local economies so i think this will be a huge economic driver in states these tax dollars getting back into our systems. Stoop index says nebraska's age fifty and older account for fifty six cents of every dollar in consumer spending in the state in part because many have moved past year spent saving for retirement and generate fifty billion dollars in economic activity after some lawmakers voiced concerns about lost revenue. Lb sixty four was revised to cut just half a state tax over the next five years. Lawmakers will need to pass additional legislation to phase out the remaining share by twenty thirty. I'm eric gladys national public radio reports. Texas governor greg abbott says he intends to withhold paychecks to state lawmakers that after house. Democrats staged a walkout to block voting restrictions proposed by their republican counterparts. A large group of democrats walked out of the house chamber in austin late sunday so there was no quorum and that prevented a final vote on the proposal and pr reports. Bill which had appeared poised for passage would cut back polling hours reduce access to mail in voting and give more authority to partisan poll-watchers falling rights. Advocates say those and other provisions in the bill would make voting more difficult in texas and online tool from the institute for women's policy research makes the case that ending reproductive-health restrictions is good for women and good for business more than five hundred bills restricting or banning abortions have been introduced costs forty six states so far this year but according to alexis mcgill johnson with the planned parenthood federation of america the data. Show that if all state level abortion restrictions were eliminated. More than a half million women would enter the workforce annual earnings for all women would increase by an average of more than sixteen hundred dollars a year. We know at the national level. The state level abortion restrictions cost hundred and five billion dollars per year by reducing labor force participation earnings. The research shows if all abortion restrictions were lifted. The estimated earnings increase for working women in new york. State would be more than fourbillion dollars. I'm andrea sears. Reporting this is pms. You're struggling with your mortgage. You think about it all the time. What are we gonna do if we lose the house. It's time to stop thinking and start dialing call one eight nine nine five hope for free government program that offers expert one on one advice about your mortgage options. We've helped over a million dollars and we want to help you call one eight eight eight nine nine five hope or visit home. Affordable dot gov brought to you by the us treasury hud and the ad council. Did you know that birthday parties. Help build confidence in kids. Yeah did you know that giving kids less sugar before bedtime helps them sleep better. 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