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Is he can go full movie star which he does the best in ocean's eleven once upon a time in hollywood and moneyball those are movie star parts like my charisma will carry this rule. I don't think a lotta people could have carried moneyball. He's one of the very few redford could have done it. So that was his redford parts. But what i liked is just the goofy site the norton norton. I six movies are pretty. I don't know if this these are the greatest. I six movies anyone maids but it's got to be in the conversation primal fear the one stinker is everyone says i love you the woody allen movie People verse larry flint american history x rounders fight club just from a batting average standpoint. That's pretty bonkers. Yes also worth noting that like when he does primal fear. It's like what's won't bug is he's just and it was like one of the most hotly contested parts. Everybody was trying to go for it because that everybody knew that. Like what immediate role it was and he gets it. I hope we do primal fear. One day and lego. And he's he's it's it's just like a revelation to see him that movie and the idea that he's just like out of nowhere. Doing this is just. It's so great. American history axes unbelievable. I dunno fully end up doing that at another one that he was deeply involved with. Yes no basically took it over like took over the directing of it rounders worm. Yeah so he's played all types of guys but you know this we did our awhile ago during the pandemic. And i think that's the best ed norton performance out of all of these kind of the last piece of this and then i think at that point. Maybe maybe it shifts a little bit. He's not an a plus lister as in the same way after twenty. Our twenty fifth hour to me is the last piece of the list. I just mentioned just really fascinating leading man parts that are all trying to do something different and feel like they belong to him like like. Do you like matt. I'll do one casting would if thou There's this really weird to studio wants matt. Damon or sean penn fincher.

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