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Now sometimes he would return for months at sea to find some new ban living with his wife sometimes he found expensive merchandise in the home and sometimes she would take his money and she go gambling in reno and you know loose lot of it easier for the movers were rule happier with mrs joe hurts of uber ruin over x who came home the complained to him the taxes arrived at his doorstep hour after hour dropping off strange meme for finally actual figured out those workers earning money as a prostitute and i think she did that for a long time that was sir fall back was easing her body and her relative attractiveness near arthritic so sober 1960 shoes thirty one years old owned she was arrested for residing in a house who will fared adores fear protested that she only been staying with a friend and hadn't realized she was in a brothel but she was sentenced to ninety days in jail after her release she was rearrested this time for vagrancy and was sentenced to another ninety days in jail so following this released from prison she began her criminal career that overtime became much more serious she found work as a nurse's aide and was carrying for disabled and elderly people in private homes in a short time she started managing boarding houses isis where she gets into real trouble this is the start of the the big time in 1960 line tired of her cheating drinking in wild stories she also had made some false suicide attempts which he thought were just for attention acts such a hanson had are committed to dewitt state hospital on stockton records they are described peres verio peace and infantile she told them that she could speak arabic greek spanish and swedish and doctors their decided she was just a pathological liar.

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